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  1. Hello I hope all are well I was speaking to a friend of mine, a lot of you know him as wonder woman, yes the guy who dresses as wonder woman for his son's charity He has come up with a way for us to enjoy comic con in July ,to enjoy, for showmasters events to come out of this very well, well a lot of good ideas So could queen Seinfeld or moderators or people in charge of the event. Please contact me, once you hear what he has planned, I have changed my email address for his, so you can contact him With social distancing and what the government says his idea is very bri
  2. I said in another message that I am coming down to London for comic con and I want to meet everybody and see everything there is This week end I was visiting friends in Oxfordshire , and I got to meet this gentleman that my friend was trying to help, let me tell you about him, he has raised 200,000 pounds for his sons charity, raised awareness about the, charity,,has met a prime minister and a royal, and has done many good things for others, he used to go to all the comic cons dressed as Wonder Woman, then two years ago he suddenly stopped it all,comic cons,charity work,everything, he won
  3. My girlfriends and I are coming down to London for the weekend arrive Friday leave on Monday due to some error we now stay at one hotel Friday night leave Saturday morning then a different hotel for the rest of the weekend. But we can't book in till 3 pm. The first hotel said we can leave our suitcases with them at 20 pounds each is this a good price or is the someplace we can leave them at the comic con, how much is it,where's inside do we need to go, please help
  4. I will be going as early justice society wonder woman
  5. You are right, it was just a fun challenge with a history lesson in it My apologies
  6. I have been to one event and the most impressive thing was the costumes And as this comic con is on Feb 29th a leap year I put forward this challenge ----swap--- if you and your girl come as joker and harley quinn, he should be harley and she be the joker, superman should be supergirl, the doctor and assistant should come as each other This is the one day that girls can ask boys on dates, where woman can ask for men's hand in marriage So I know all of you can come up with some great swap costumes So what do you think your swap costumes will be
  7. I checked what's on at olympia and two dates came up for London comic con. I also checked what's on at birmingham and comic con came up there, I looked at what's on at Cardiff motorsport arena. No comic con. Friend showed me your wonderful site and there are a lot of comic cons but not Cardiff I would love to go to the comic cons, I need to book time off,hotel,transport, I want to go to all mentioned above places Could someone confirm Cardiff comic con. Thank you. Xoxoxoxo
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