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  1. All my tickets were bought by my Mum for a birthday present in December. She bought £120 worth of gift vouchers at the 20% off price. I'm not really wanting to admit this (people may be shocked or angry) but there turns out theres no guests I want to meet and the talks I want to go to are free. I'm still coming to the event because it is an overall amazing experience but I have £120 worth of useless vouchers. I'm not going to any other SM event and dont know anyone else going I could give them to. It doesnt help that my Mum knows I wont end up spending them and now she wants her money back to buy a new car. Can someone please help?
  2. Is there possibilities of any more guest announcements this close to the show?
  3. Yes I agree! Please announce at least one or two. Its so close now, only 22 days left! Im still keeping my fingers crossed for Charmed fans.
  4. I would really love Ian Somerhalder to be announced. I feel the need to tell him he has to play Christian Grey in the upcoming 50 shades movies.
  5. So we have double Sarah Connor, can we have double Catherine Chandler and invite Kristen Kreuk?
  6. I completely agree! The cast in amazing. Had the chance to meet Holly Marie Combs (althought it was more for Charmed) but still, to meet more from PLL would be great. Any of the girls, more Lucy Hale and Troian Bellasario. But above all completely smitten by Ian Harding, think I would die, come back to life then swoon.
  7. I didn't know she was Kitty from Jungle Book. I remember watching that all the time when I was younger. And what's the chances Sarah Connor X2 for LFCC!
  8. Considering we're getting Continuum guests announced, could we have Victor Webster for all the Charmed fans out there. Please?
  9. Ooh! How exciting! Again. No doubt everyone will be tearing their hair out come 5.50pm Friday. I'm not going to try and guess, just hope to be happy with the outcome.
  10. Thank you for keeping my hopes up and my nervous at bay. Much appreciated!
  11. Yes, true not long to go! To be honest getting worried as there's no announced guests, as of yet, that I desperatly want to see. I have paid so much for this trip, just like last year.
  12. They are coming! LFCC! Both attending, signing and photoshoots.
  13. Where did you here this? Only Charmed guests I know for sure can't come is Shannen, Holly and Brian as they are all at Oz comic con on same date. Theres still Rose and Alyssa from main cast. And a hell of alot of others that can come to sign for Charmed.
  14. I like the positivity in this thread. I had such a great time last year, that I asked for tickets, vouchers and hotel bookings for Christmas and Birthday. However, there's no guests as of yet, I would pay to meet. So I have to keep a positive mind but these comments seem to be helping. :-)
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