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  1. no posed photos allowed, his queue was super busy!
  2. As a long time fan of Matthew Lillard, it's been a joy to see so many fans have fun in his photoshoots as he doled out high fives to the queue before entering his shoot this morning. I hope you all enjoyed meeting him at his table, he tries to take his time with fans and espcially has a great rapport with kids! Did you meet him, did you get a fun photoshoot pose with him? What did you have him sign?
  3. Very excited that he is coming over, thank you Showmasters. Also, please think of some of his former co stars like David Arquette or Skeet Ulrich too.
  4. Autos from - Matthew Lillard, William Zabka, Gina Torres, Emilie De Ravin, Brendan Fraser, Photos with Matthew Lillard (plural!), maaaaybe Gina Torres, Cobra Kai guys, solo William Zabka, Maybes on the list - Jason Isaacs, Kirk Acevedo, Gemma Whelan
  5. Would LOVE to meet Laurence Fishburne. Just putting it out there in the universe.
  6. Glad he's a much more reasonable price than he was at his last show!
  7. In view of these current cancellations, any thought of inviting back Matthew Lillard to make up for his non appearance last year? He was really looking forward to attending and meeting all his UK fans! Especially after his latest appearances in Twin Peaks etc
  8. please do get him back! He's great to fans meeting him!
  9. very glad we will see him here in london, especially as he has been announced as starring in the new twin peaks series!
  10. Skeet Ulrich, Rose McGowan and David Arquette please.
  11. Please can we get Skeet Ulrich, his management have confirmed that they have not yet heard from Showmasters and he is interested! And David Arquette would like to come too!
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