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  1. I was disappointed to finally get to the Joseph desk and see how pixelated and low res the images were. I should have brought my own but foolishly assumed SM would have had nice quality images for one of their biggest guests they've had in a long time.
  2. just to confirm his talk is paid, right? I bought one on Eventbrite but his talk time isn't listed as a paid talk?
  3. Matt Dillon did a comic con in Italy today, would love him to do an event in London! Would love to see Emilio Estevez at an event someday, hopefully Martin and Charlie can tell him what a great time they had with Showmasters! It would be amazing to get Tom Cruise, Laurence Fishburne or Emilio Estevez, would totally get a diamond pass for them!
  4. she would be a fantastic guest for any convention to get, hopefully one day she will do some whenever she can find time around her daytime tv show, podcast, magazine, makeup and homewares company!
  5. I saw some mentions for Fairuza Balk, I've read that she doesn't travel by plane, so she would be unlikely to be at a UK/European event I believe.
  6. Please bring over C Thomas Howell for an ET Reunion
  7. David Arquette and Skeet Ulrich please!
  8. C Thomas Howell to go with the E.T reunion please! Emilio Estevez as well if he's not working on the new Guns movie at that time.
  9. Robert was fantastic to meet as always, really chats with his fans. Barely got to 50 VQ tonight but I think that's due to a few dealers lugging boxes full of items and handfuls of posters for him to sign. After a Pitboss intervention, there was now a 5 item limit and the queue went much quicker. Enjoyed his talk as well. Thanks for bringing him over, Showmasters. Photos were with a black background to obscure the plexiglass but it looked really effective!
  10. Love her in The Flash, she's fantastic with Jesse L Martin!
  11. Emilio Estevez please. and C Thomas Howell to go with the E.T guests!
  12. no posed photos allowed, his queue was super busy!
  13. As a long time fan of Matthew Lillard, it's been a joy to see so many fans have fun in his photoshoots as he doled out high fives to the queue before entering his shoot this morning. I hope you all enjoyed meeting him at his table, he tries to take his time with fans and espcially has a great rapport with kids! Did you meet him, did you get a fun photoshoot pose with him? What did you have him sign?
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