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  1. Will we be able to sit with Will on the sofa for the photo, or will it just be standing in the 'room'? This will be the deciding factor on if I buy a photo or not!
  2. Feeling really bad for the people who bought VIP tickets...
  3. Any chance of a replacement guest or something extra?
  4. Ask him on twitter, but I think yes, as private person, not as star-guest. TO ALL: if maybe there will be a double photo with Katee and Trucco, does something like that also goes online in the shop or at the con directly? If they do have a double photoshoot, it can vary to be honest. When they can Showmasters will put the tickets for sale on the online shop before the event. But other times they need to wait for longer and this is not possible. For example at summer LFCC the Jamie Bamber and Edward Olmos joint shoot was only avaiable at the convention (not for sale in advance)
  5. 5 Buffy guests now, would be great so see some of the other shows represented :)
  7. Yep. That was my problem too. Booked to go to Alton Towers that Sunday (and also unavoidably busy on the Saturday) but Katee wins. Hands down!
  8. This year I find it extremely diffuicult to choose just one guest. Infact it's almost impossible, every single person I met was just beyond awesome, I thought it would be a rushed and busy affair this year but it wasn't. The biggest surprise for me was probably Edward James Olmos, not because I didn't expect him to be nice or anything, but purely because he was a £25 autograph, which usually means the guest signs very quickly and doesn't allow photos etc. Eddie was the opposite. I met him on the Friday night and it was such an amazing experience. As a huge Battlestar Galactica Fan I was
  9. I for one had a fab weekend! Managed to get absolutely everything I wanted done: Autographs and photo sessions with: Stan Lee, Carrie Fisher, John Hurt, Summer Glau, Edward James Olmos, Jamie Bamber, Juliet Landau, Issac Wright (joint shoot with Kristin, Milo Ventimiglia and Sibel Kekilli. As well as auto for Robert Knepper, tarnish photo shoot, An Audience with Stan Lee, 2xGoT talk and the BIG talk. So all in all a great success in my books. The guests were all absolutely fabulous! Especially the ones I met on Friday preview night who were more than happy to chat away and take over th
  10. The talk was great. Stan was just amazing! So funny! I left the con at 6pm and the photo shoot was still going on, so yeah, I think he did do it. What a good guy!
  11. I am surprised that so many people are surprised by this! Summer has been in MANY very popular US TV shows: Firefly, Dollhouse, Arrow, Chuck, Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Cape, The 4400 etc She is a headline guest if ever there was one else lol Got a photo with her today, planning to get her auto tomorrow (trying to spread meeting her over 2 days!)
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