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  1. I love you for that! Too bad the posts had to be deleted because some bad people spoil it for all others. You seem to be a LFCC veteran. I could need some other advices but I can't send you a message. Please would you write me an email? Steffi_lehr@yahoo.de
  2. .Scaramouche.

    Guest Cancellation - Aimee Garcia

    Oh noooo does anyone know war happens with the 'Lucifer' talk I booked when all 3 of them were confirmed? Now only Tricia is left :/ that's no longer a Lucifer talk
  3. .Scaramouche.

    Newcastle Schedule - Updated 05/03/14

    still no photosessions times with Alex Vlahos... but great schedule anyway
  4. .Scaramouche.

    Photos as jpegs?

    thank you very much for your reply :)
  5. .Scaramouche.

    Newcastle Film and Comic Con

    I feel a bit stupid to ask that but... Is it possible to leave and re-enter the Con as often as I like during the day? I'll see Newcastle the first time and would like to do a little bit sightseeing
  6. .Scaramouche.

    Where are people traveling from?

    I`m travelling from Germany :) so exited... will be my first UK-Con
  7. great more Merlin-Guests please
  8. Hi :) the Con in Newcastle will be my first UK-Convention... Is it possible to get the photo session picture also as jpeg via Email or on a stick? That would be great :)
  9. .Scaramouche.

    So which days are people going

    Hi, I'm new in this forum and the Manchester Comic Con will be my first Convention in UK... I'm from Germany and so exited :). I will be there on both days.