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  1. She was a highlight for me too, what a lovely friendly lady :D
  2. Awesome guest, she's doing a great job in the Witcher, look forward to meeting her! More witcher guests please!
  3. Awesome!! Was hoping for some Witcher guests! Look forward to meeting her
  4. Awesome guest, definitely want a signed Sauron photo!! Would love to see more LOTR guests!
  5. The important guestion is.... does the pub have aircon?
  6. Awesome, will send friends to that link and look forward to seeing everyone there
  7. Awesome!! Look forward to seeing everyone again, and will bring some con friends along too hopefully
  8. Yup! Just checked last years thread and 'smithy270492' organised it I think, if that helps! https://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?/topic/96138-thursday-meet-up/&page=3
  9. Awesome, thanks!! There gonna be a facebook event page like last time? Handy to direct people to
  10. Is there gonna be a thursday night meet at Latymers again this year? Really enjoyed that last year
  11. My team had a harder time remembering not to shout out the answers cause they were so excited when they knew one
  12. Hiya! Last year was awesome, definitely interested again this year :D Can hopefully get enough friends together for a team again!
  13. Wasn't there for round one, but sounds like fun!
  14. I'd love to see some more video game voice actors, Danny Shorago 'Hancock' from Fallout was awesome last year! More Fallout voice actors would be great, like Stephen Russell (Valentine) or Katy Townsend (Cait) or some Borderlands voice actors like Dameon Clarke or Chris Rager (both did another UK con this year so they definitely do cons) or dream guest Ashly Burch cos she's hilarious in panel talks! :D
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