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  1. Awesome! Think he may now have gone to my top guest to meet this year.
  2. I'd like to echo everyone's sympathies & condolences and add my shock at hearing the news yesterday. May he rest in peace.
  3. If I recall correctly, there were those attending last year who were only coming for one day of the event and had bought diamond passes. This meant they wanted assurances they would get everything the pass entitled them to though they were prepared to miss their guest's talk. Normally it was the autographs which caused the most concern as passes had been called in batch number the year before which coined the notion that the passes are intended for use over the weekend rather than one day.
  4. Hi I'm Steve and my favourite character is Private Hudson from "Aliens" and would like to win a gold pass for Glasgow film & comic con.
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing it again soon too...you are all in for something good.
  6. The one and only?Sorry I have a little obsession with Chesney Hawkes after I met him on Saturday Haha! That makes sense.
  7. Great to see Jessica back! She was one of my favorite guest meets from LFFC2015. Shall be adding her to my Force Awakens resistance pilots print.
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