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  1. im surprised that we have still no news here now why there was so much q chaos for the talk and why we got a shortened experience than promised
  2. Like Wrong Name says on monday but well I guess when the pub closes
  3. Yay met Karen Gillan a month ago, and now with her my Doctor Who season 5 auto set is really complete
  4. So I guess if everyone enters now at the same place, there will be also separated qs, hopefully very well indicated ;), so that there is no chaos to know where gold pass holders q, and normal ticket holders q
  5. Luckily I arrive on the 25th,and will fly back on monday, so phew, but would suck if there would be cancellations because of the strike, I think Gatwick has also flights incoming from the US right? so maybe they all land here But I hope for everyone who arrives on friday or saturday, that your plane will land at LHR :) fingers crossed
  6. David Tennant was announced at the con on saturday last year, so you can expect new guests at any time
  7. I just want to give a little update for thursday, I have a table booked at the Latymers , but could only block a table for 20 people at 7 p.m. But even if we are more people, it should be a pleasant evening :)
  8. First I was like yay no diamond, not mentioned on the forum not mentioned on the page, but dang there it was so quinto a no no for me but a nice guest :)
  9. SM you know what would be epic a shoot with Hayden and Ross Beadman together XD Master Skywalker there are to many of them shoot haha
  10. Both Sheens DPs were to much for me, but cant wait to see them at the talk :)
  11. Just to troll a bit A Doctor from Doctor Who? To be honest if its Jodie , I would be be happy
  12. well thats then my first DP for 2019 , yay for me, Mastercard angry with me
  13. I hope this is allowed as I do not link anything exept the adress , on fb you should find an event called The LFCC Thursday Meet Up hosted by a Tim's "Without a selfie stick" travel vlog . Please come all to a thursday meet up for a fun evening on july 25th . We will be at the Latymers Pub . Please click here for the adress Its next to Hammersmith Station and maybe a 10 minute walk from Olympia :)
  14. Hi, yeah we will do another thursday meetup :) Sorry for not posting a lot on the forum, I always forgot that it exists Getting old and stuff I could do a FB group/event, but the problem is to add everyone as I do not have everyone on FB, but we will find a way
  15. Oh this one is cool finally a second guest for me that I want to meet this year thx :)
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