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  1. Wasn't he in London FCC in the Alien shoots and talks last year?
  2. Guest Suggestions

    I'd love to meet Jeremy Bulloch again Gail Kim ex-TNA wrestler who has now "retired" from the ring Elizabeth Henstridge, after all, she's from Sheffield At a push for a miracle, Hayley Attwell ❤
  3. James Gunn, Chris Pratt, Karen Gillan. Infact all the Guardians cast Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Ryan Reynolds, Gillian Anderson, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Smith again and Jason Mewes, Sam Jackson, Lloyd Kaufman, Doug Jones, Kevin Spacey, Robert Downey Jr, TJ Miller, Bill Murray, Jean Reno, Paul Bettany. Just for me - Angelina Jolie and/or Kate Beckinsale That should keep you busy until next year!
  4. Just wanted to say, for the people who haven't been before, maybe you should put a small key as to what the colours are. Maybe "yellow are talks on the stage" "orange are guest photoshoots" "blue are prop photoshoots" . I'd love to come for the Aliens guests on Saturday but as I'm disabled, I won't last the time between the talk and the photos so I'd end up paying £9 for the Aliens talk. London almost killed me and made my bank account a bit thin. Have fun everyone and see you next year
  5. Might go after all. Missed him at LFCC so might track him down
  6. Guest Cancellation - Doug Jones

    Most disappointing birthday present ever Good luck to him anyway, I'm sure I'll enjoy the rest of my day though. This is due to a filming conflict with Star Trek Discovery
  7. Travelling to Olympia

    Yes it is. Our hotel is on there and it goes straight outside on Saturday I believe. Being disabled, I was hoping to get a taxi the short distance but that plan is scuppered
  8. Guest Cancellation - Ron Perlman

    Thanks for that. I'll be getting Doug Jones' autograph anyway so hearing what they have to say will be cool anyway
  9. Guest Cancellation - Ron Perlman

    I booked for the Hellboy talk because I was excited to see Ron Perlman. Can I get refunds on the talk or will I have to go because there are other Hellboy guests? Thanks in advance