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  1. Happy happy happy.....very happy bunny !!! Amanda is an amazing guest..... can't wait to see her again !! Thank you !!
  2. The forum for NFCC says Sarah is coming to the convention but, still nothing on the main page.... Colour me confused lol
  3. Please guys..... More Stargate guests will be amazing !! Amanda Tapping Teryl Rothery Michael Shanks Peter Williams Sooooo many to mention ..... Make a lot of Stargate fans very happy.
  4. Yesyesyesyesyes !!!!! thanks Showmasters. I'm in already ..... Can't wait ! Sarah is an amazing guest and a lovely lady. 😍👍🤗🤗🤗🤗
  5. I have to say that I have been to all of the Newcastle Cons and have loved every second of them. We have had some amazing guests but.....please guys !! Please can you try and get Amanda Tapping Teryl Rothery Michael Shanks Richard Dean Anderson Ben Browder Or ANY Stargate actor/actress from SG1 and/or Atlantis !! I guarantee a huge influx of my pals from all over the country if Amanda Tapping gets announced !! Guaranteed !!!
  6. Please guys..... Stargate Dr Who Star Trek Actors Amanda Tapping Teryl Rothery Richard Dean Anderson Michael Shanks Christopher Judge Kate Mulgrew Robert Beltran Patrick Stewart Ohhhhh too many to list but. For me personally and all my pals.... Definately Amanda and co !! *begging*
  7. Amazing !!!!! Thank you Showmasters ! can't wait now ! LOL xoxoxox
  8. Thank you Showmasters !! Todays announcements have made this old Sci-Fi fan VERY happy ! It is amazing how two names have changed the entire convention for me and, im sure, many others ! Thank you...... Wow !! Garrett Wang and Max Grodenchik !!
  9. Honestly, not feeling positive about this years NFCC. All of the guests have either been before, or, are pretty much unknowns. Im sorry... I am a huge fan of Showmasters events and try to go to as many as possible but, this one ? I am seriously considering selling my gold pass ticket..... This I bought straight after this event was announced last year ! Up to now.... My £175 ticket is only really good for me with the autograph pack that comes with it, and, meeting a few new friends. Please peeps.... No more Star Wars !!!! Begruntled .... Me xoxoxox
  10. Still begging for Stargate actors PLEASE ?? Anyone from SG1 and/or Atlantis ? Make a huge Stargate Fan VERY happy ? Thanks guys ! Xoxoxoxox
  11. please,please,please,please,please,PLEASE..... Stargate actors/actresses ?? Amanda Tapping Teryl Rothery Michael Shanks R.D.A. And/or..... Anyone from SG1 and Atlantis !!
  12. Please guys..... Amanda Tapping and Teryl Rothery would be incredible !!! Please make a huge Stargate fan very happy xoxoxox
  13. Im going Cosplay for sure..... Stargate black ops uniform.
  14. Truthfully.... The only reason we are going is for Amanda Tapping. Nobody ese even comes near worth going to see for us. I will be cosplay back ops Stargate. Fingers crossed more people are announced and fast !
  15. I have now been to a few of Showmaster cons and love them, however, this Collectormania is, apart for Amanda Tapping... Really dissapointing for big guest names. My son and I do as many cons as we can and he has always wanted to do a collectormania but never been able to afford one before now. In the past you have had HUUUUGE guest announcements that he was so wanting to see. This year, he books his goldpass, early hoping to see some of his Dr Who and StarTrek heroes...... There are a few Dr Who but older show ones and no star trek at all. Im sorry, anyone that knows me will say I dont complain but, this show coming up is.... Apart from Amanda Tapping, who we are both waiting to see again as we adore her ! Is probably, the poorest yet for stars. Anyone that does not follow Star Wars or sport, like us and many others, are very dissapointed. Please, PLEASE announce some big names and make buying a gold pass worthwhile for something other than an autograph pack ?! Xoxoxoxox
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