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  1. lets just all blame the Simpson's
  2. yes I agree, they did wonders with them. I'm gonna get the camp from crystal lake memories book signed. I was tempted to buy the original movie poster but opted out
  3. That's pretty cool, shame about the photo op but the main person im meeting is Robert Englund, had to get the VIP pass but honestly a guest like ian mcculloch is pretty amazing. As a horror I do appreciate what LFCC is doing with the horror guests, I just crave more
  4. No Ive not cosplayed but all the advice I could give you, is if you think your outfit is good and you like it, then rock with it cause nobody will judge and im sure youll do great, plus then atleast you can say you tried with no regrets
  5. GOD damn it! ive failed as a horror fan I forgot she was in the descent, not too late though, but I kneel down before all horror fans and I accept my final fate
  6. I would need about 20x tardis to be able to keep all the stuff I want
  7. Where's those Christmas guest announcements hehe, too early I suppose
  8. When you leave work early for the announcement..
  9. who's going to love these guests 3000, no matter who they are?
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