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  1. I framed the autograph and photo shoot from my first ever convention where i met BEN BROWDER. but since then i have used special pockets and folders from franks autographs(no longer with us)/timecare
  2. I put all my posters in poster tubes.
  3. I hope to go to LFCC next year. hoping i can save up enough for a gold ticket again as only managed to join 1 queue to get 1 autograph this weekend just gone. GRRRR. so if i can save up enough for gold + hotel then i will be able to join the queue's to get the auto's i want.
  4. If showmasters couldn't do a solely NCIS con it would be cool if they could do maby a CRIME CON and get guests from - NICS, NCIS Los Angeles, Hawiee 5O, CSI NewYork, CSI Miami. These are all AWSOME crime dramas and I'm sure they could get a LOAD of fans who watch these. Or atleast it would be awsome if they could get some main stars from these at comic con.
  5. I agree maby the bigger guests should be mixed up with the smaller guests rather than all the bigger guests being all in 1 area. if they were mixed up there wouldnt be so much crowding.
  6. Bonapp As another suggestion i think the organizers should put some metallic barriers to canalize the people, it'd be more convenient for your staff to control who can access to the queue and who can't. I agree with this and have been saying it for a couple of years now. It would make it far easier for EVERYONE of there was a barrier to queues.
  7. to all those looking for a good autograph/photo storage whether new to this or been doing it for a long time and use to go to franks autographs here is the link's to the products. http://www.timecare.co.uk/timecare/product.php?productid=2407&cat=0&page=3 starter kit £45.60 http://www.timecare.co.uk/timecare/product.php?productid=1&cat=0&page=5 folder £20.40 http://www.timecare.co.uk/timecare/product.php?productid=38&cat=202&bestseller=Y autograph wallets £8.17 http://www.timecare.co.uk/timecare/product.php?productid=39&cat=202&bestseller=Y photo walle
  8. there were plenty of stalls there was just more space to walk around and they had the whole building so they were more spread apart.
  9. I was only at LFCC on Saturday- but I was aching a LOT all over Saturday night and had to take pain killers once I got home.Then on Sunday my right shoulder and neck were still hurting. Thankfully today I'v started to recover.
  10. well here's my pro's and cons of Saturday POSITIVE 1. I could feel the air conditioning a bit unlike last year whitch was just an oven 2. The isles were bigger. It wasn't a crush trying to get through the dealers 3. Getting into the venue was good. I got there around 9 and I just walked round the building and it didn't take too long to get in. There were well organised staff directing everyone. 4. The whole building was used so plenty of space to move around and sit down. 5. The photo areas were closer together. ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT 1. Queuing for the photo shoots was bad. you couldn't
  11. it took 3 attempts with Domonic monaghan to get a non glare photo. I didn't mind. more time with my arm round him. LOL
  12. I'm not a crew but i might be able to help newbies with a few questions. I will most likely be in a blue t-shirt that says OBEY on it and have the eye of sauron on it.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154134645074282&set=t.1833434985&type=3&theater I don't know if this'll work but try this.
  14. Alexis doing his chico the mind reading monkey sure was a laugh. My favorite guests just happen to be those I least expected at many cons. My favorite experience: the private guest encounters and the staying up till the early hours of the morning with guests I have attended 7 chevron's- 7.5 standard, 7.7 standard, 7.8 silver, 8.0 silver, 8.1 silver, 8.2 gold, 8.3 gold the things I will never forget- getting a kiss from peter Williams & A hug from Alexis, Kavan Smith and Andee Frizell, Robin Dunne pulling his trousers down and everyone cheering, the group dances on the dance floor at t
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