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  1. Sunday only - SHAME! Seriously, I just looked her up on Google as I only know her from GoT ...... got to say, there is NO WAY I would recognise her if I walked by her in the street.
  2. Wow it worked..... *checks other event guests* Can we have Michael Biehn please or Ron Perlman, Charles Dance and Keith David ... worth a try, I suppose.
  3. Agreed. You'll find us all a warm lot up here, despite the weather! If you get time to see any of the city, a nice stroll down Grey Street past the Theatre Royal towards the Quayside is highly recommended.
  4. He is a smashing guy, and lovely with his fans. It was real pleasure to meet him at last summer's LFCC.
  5. As critical as I have been of Showmasters, my jaw is on the floor with this announcement. Very, very impressive addition to the guest list. Denis was also awesome in the underseen, much underrated 2013 movie The Machine. Would love SM to surprise me again by adding his costar Caity Lotz to the lineup...
  6. I guess we've all got to remember that this is a Showmasters ran (& paid for) website and forum. It is not a democratically run forum like many others on the internet - it is solely a marketing and advertising tool for SM. When this event is archived Showmasters don't want prospective new attendees to be put off by any negative - but true - comments that may have been offered by paying attendees to previous events. SM have always reacted badly to criticism, so I tend to find Facebook is a better - and far less biased - place to read about peoples' honest experiences and opinions.
  7. Queen_Sindel, fair enough - but telling people 25 minutes before doors open that he won't be coming?? THAT is the joke.
  8. A fantastic, warm, lovely lady - I know she's a great actress but you could really tell she was genuinely happy to be there. Gave an excellent, funny talk with Ross Mullen too. Meeting Kate was my highlight from today - no doubt about it.
  9. Nice, genuine guy - spot on meeting him and a great talk with Kate Dickie later in the day. Excellent guest...
  10. What a sound guy!! Really a nice, nice fella and an absolute pleasure to meet!!! Full Hellraiser reunion for LFCC 2017 please, SM!
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