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  1. I've got a feeling it might be lucifer!
  2. nickycooper

    Destination London

    i'm coming from the north!! Good old Yorkshire
  3. nickycooper

    Big Guest Announcement Friday 17th @ 7pm

    "footloose" aka they guy sawing off his foot perhaps in Saw which makes me more suspicious about the "lock and key"... I think it is Tobin now too
  4. nickycooper

    Big Guest Announcement Friday 17th @ 7pm

    So someone's guessed it right... time to make a list of all the guests named on this thread
  5. nickycooper

    Big Guest Announcement Friday 17th @ 7pm

    Hugh Jackman? or possible Kit Harrington? (I wish it was Gary Oldman)
  6. nickycooper


    I'm hoping to go to the president hotel . It's £252 for 3 nights, wifi, breakfast and 2 three course meals! A steal really as travelodge fulham where i stayed last year is now gone up to £260 with nothing extra!
  7. nickycooper

    robert Englund pass

    Oh and it's not half as busy as London. We were the first to park in the car park at 7am haha. There was only a slightiny queue forming from 8.20am
  8. nickycooper

    robert Englund pass

    Tbh I was third in line from the start and the woman on the door was scanning tickets. I didn't have one but explained it's a proper showmasters thing that were allowed in with our passes. She then just said okay and I walked through. I saw about 6 others once I was in and when I got my autograph I just literally queued up straight away. After about 10 minutes I'd got my autograph no problem. I just gave my pass to the lady sat next to Robert and she clipped it. :) hope that helps
  9. nickycooper

    robert Englund pass

    Nope. Got in straight away and got my autograph. Was the first to use the pass too
  10. Hi everyone. I'm just wondering when people are going to start queueing. I've got an hour and a half drive and was thinking of getting there for about 7ish.
  11. nickycooper

    robert Englund pass

    That shouldn't be a problem. Just give the money to the steward sat next to him :)
  12. nickycooper

    New guests?

    I agree. Sheffield seems to be the comic con that's been left out. Hardly anyone's there now with all the cancellations.
  13. nickycooper

    robert Englund pass

    hiya, As far as im aware we get early bird entrance (from 9am) and we have to bring the pass with us with the autograph photo on the side of it unclipped. Take care