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  1. Hi guys So Friday they were saying pickup passes until 8pm I managed to get there at 7.45 and was turned away by security saying “they’ve packed up already. Come back in the morning” Came back in the morning. Security said “you’re too late. Gold passes should go in earlier” One guy said “I’ll check” at which point one of the show masters crew said yes come through and get them here. This afternoon. About 2.30 security said they’re closing that entrance for gold members and we’d have to walk round with everybody else and “join the queue” Complained to Alasdair at the pick up point who said “I don’t think that’s right. I’ll look into it but if it’s the same tomorrow complain by email” It’s not a great weekend so far. Never had this issue before but genuinely nobody seems to know what’s going on and it looks like the entrance benefits for Gold are worthless. Yes I’m grumpy so having a whinge, but can’t say I’m happy. anyone else had a similar experience?
  2. Hi all. Wondered if you knew how to edit ticket info? Ive stupidly put my friends name on both tickets. I doubt it will make a huge difference as there are two tickets but just curious. Also if Im paid early I may want to upgrade from a weekend ticket to a gold pass. Do I have to contact the organisers, or is there a simple upgrade option online ( I cant see one but could be just thick)
  3. More than likely oh and it’s disappeared now. Ha. As you were :)
  4. This is a little odd. So, I was looking at buying some Gold Passes (which I’ve done in previous years) and at checkout it’s asking to select a Batch number for Temuera Morrison. I don’t want one so I’m a bit confused. Why is it asking me to get a pic with him? I’ve not watched his shows. Is it a freebie? Can I select someone else? Is it an error on the checkout?
  5. Interesting. In the blurb it says he’ll be doing a joint photoshoot with Sally Knyvette (Jenna) who doesn’t appear to have been announced yet)
  6. I’m not a regular goer but I thought a DP meant you get to meet the guest and get a photo and signature pretty much guaranteed?, as opposed to getting a lot of stuff signed and slowing down anyone else who wants to meet them? genuine question.
  7. Could we expect any more guests do you think? I don’t know how close to the event they announce
  8. Would love some Doctor Who companions. Nicola Bryant Lalla Ward Sarah Sutton Bonnie Langford Mark Strickson
  9. His pic is still up on the guest page but no option to buy on Eventbrite. Do I assume he’s cancelled?
  10. Thanks for the swift update. They’re still selling tickets though :/ I’lll be kind and assume the Showmasters app and event rite need time to update.
  11. Is Jonathan still going? I think his pic has gone from the guests page
  12. So not “complimentary” seats? It says this on the ticket info “Priority seating at all talks. Where the talk is part of a Diamond Pass package you will be located behind the Diamond Pass holders.”
  13. Just wondering if anyone knows how many gold passes are issued? It just occurred to me that if there’s hundreds of them it won’t necessarily speed anything up? Am I right in thinking they allow you to go first (after diamond) for autographs and photo shoots, or is it still in batches?
  14. Oh no I’ve just spent the last few days building a “V” gun and altering a visitor mask specifically because Michael and Robert E would be there.
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