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  1. Sweet, thanks! I'm eyeing a silver pass, so that probably means I'm good (too broke for Gold!). I shall see you all there!
  2. Will you still have passes for sale at the event like previous years? I'm looking to buy one when I manage to get there (work permitting), either Fri afternoon or early Sat.
  3. No problem! I'm probably going to spend a while now trying to figure out who he was. Unsolved mysteries keep me up at night.
  4. Aw, he should have at least said hi! And just because one particular person might not be available doesn't mean you should give up on trying forever. That's awfully pessimistic.
  5. Well, I don't really know who sat behind me during the talks since I haven't upgraded my body to the eyes-in-the-back-of-the-head model yet. Trying really hard to remember all the people around me during the autograph sessions, though!
  6. I'm here! *waves hands around* So sorry to disappoint your friend. They should still feel free to get in touch with me? I don't even know, I've never been in a situation like this before! It's very flattering, though!
  7. One of the funniest characters on Atlantis, definitely. Can't wait to meet the man who brought Zelenka to life. :)
  8. I'm excited about all the guests announced so far, but Paul is the one I'm looking forward to hugging most, haha. Absolutely love him!
  10. I can't wait for all the fun stories he probably has up his sleeve. He seems like a really cool, laid back dude.
  11. I've never met him before, but I absolutely adored his portrayal of Jonas! Looking forward to meeting him. :)
  12. Wow, that line-up is fantastic already! I'm ready to sign up as soon as tickets go on sale.
  13. WOO! This should be exciting, he was a hilarious character.
  14. I see what you did there. It's also a favorite of mine, along with Tin Man (the whole question about what makes someone human in that one is so deep and poignant and beautiful and makes my soul hurt a little), and Moebius for awk!Sam. I'm going to stop here because if I let loose too much I might end up naming the whole series.
  15. ^ You seem to be failing to take into the consideration that there are plenty of newer fans of the franchise (myself included) who weren't even watching SG-1 back when Chevron 7 first happened, let alone know about conventions like this one. My first con was 7.8, and I plan to continue attending them for as long as I am able to. You and your friend may not be bringing ME any more money soon, but there are plenty of new faces who will.
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