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  1. Had a look through the thread and couldn’t see this mentioned - Saturday, second stage, 13:30 shows a free talk with Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred but as I understand it she’s only attending Friday, I think.
  2. ...edited to delete as something up with the photos.
  3. Okeedokey, that’s good to know. Just so you know though, the Capaldi listing on Eventbrite does have the same lower than normal extra guarantee as Meatloaf’s listing. An error, I’m guessing?
  4. Hey folks, About the extra autos - I’ve seen it said a few times that you can buy up to 5 extra, but the listing in the Eventbrite shop states otherwise: “The guaranteed option to buy up to 1 extra autographs if wanted” I only wanted 1 myself but I wouldn’t want anyone to be disappointed on the day.
  5. HEY! Rach...! I haven’t seen you for AGES. How’ve you been? Will I be seeing you there next week...?
  6. I saw it, cheers! I may not be able to make it to that though as my plans in the evening are a little all over the place. Would be nice to come along and show my face at least though!
  7. Hey folks. I’ve been coming to LFCC since 2011 but I never make a point of saying hello and getting to know anyone beforehand aside from the people I already know. I’m going to have a bit more spare time than I usually do this year, so wanted to make the effort. I’m Darren, I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday. Saturday (at least) I’ll be dressed as Rick from The Young Ones, so if you spot me, do say hello. I love talking to everyone about anything, so would be nice to meet y’all.
  8. I remember a few years ago (may have been 2011) SM managed to take an Oscar on loan from a very kind donor and arranged for photoshoots with it. I regret very much not having a photo that weekend. If there’s ever a chance of getting it back I’d be on that like a shot.
  9. Hi, if you mean the digital gallery, you should find it here http://showmasters.photoshelter.com/
  10. I'd really like the chance to meet Stephanie Leonidas. Grant Bowler too. Anyone who's been in Defiance basically. and Ophelia Lovibond.
  11. Jonny Lee Miller Lucy Liu ...and the rest of the cast of Elementary.
  12. I'm guessing there's still more to add? There's only 18 Delorean photos up for Saturday and 5 of those are one chap...!
  13. I was having a think the other day about which guests I would absolutely, without a second thought or regret, buy a Diamond Pass for - and currently there's only one I could come up with: Jonny Lee Miller
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