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  1. One would be way too low a limit, the max I've ever gotten in one go is two, but there are some guests I would likely end up getting move from if I ever got the chance. You said 'I just see an autograph represents that actor and his work not as a separate entity from this.' and that's basically how most people see it, we get more then one so we can have the actor represent their work across the different projects they have worked on. :)
  2. At one event I went to the some of the guests wrote jokey autographs to each other and asked a couple of us who were going to see them to take them over. It was rather funny.
  3. Does anyone know if more photos for Luke are going to be added? The ones in the shop say sold out, but neither of them are a final batch. Thanks
  4. From the ticket site: YALC Entry Ticket Saturday 18th July 2015 - Gains exclusive admission for one person (ages 12 & over) to the YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention) section of London Film & Comic Con 2015 on Saturday 18th July 2015 from 9am - 11am - after this time the YALC section will be open to all visitors to LFCC. YALC ticketholders will also receive priority access to all YALC panels, and a YALC goody bag whilst stocks last. Also includes Saturday Entry to the main LFCC event. So You can get in with just a normal ticket, just you have to wait until a little bit later.
  5. Narlth


    I am in love with it already! And not just because of Colin.
  6. Anyone from the new TV show, Humans please.
  7. I usually bring biscuits. They're tasty and sugar for energy. Also SireGeeksalot, our post made me laugh
  8. Lol, Stenun. I'm going to be going as Merlin on the Sunday. I'm torn between his normal outfit and his ceremonial robes right now.
  9. People keep saying it'll be similar to DTSL, but I've never been to that even and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I had a look through the forum but couldn't find anything that really explained the ticketing pricing and processes. Can anyone point me at something that explains it? Thanks.
  10. The Excel centre is massive, a lot bigger the Earls Court, you could have several events on at once I'm disappointed this is right at exam time, I don't get my timetable until the middle of the month. Therefore I can't really do much planning until then
  11. You should always choose a character you like. Once you choose them, you can either look into making pieces yourself, or you can purchase them. If you choose a very popular character you might even be able to purchase the whole costume. Good luck!
  12. A Merlin convention would be amazing! (How did I miss this thread?)
  13. I always get the train in my cosplay, although my outfits mostly aren't super obviously a costume. I get a few lingering stares but that's about it.
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