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    With Avengers Endgame coming out next month, it would be great if some of the cast from the film to be announced
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    the website has updated so another Spring Con next year
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    I’ve got a ticket for Jason Momoa (photo) this is going to be my first ever comic con!
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    Stellan Skarsgård added to my Marvel Heroes poster (middle left, next to the A) Jarad Harris Emily Watson
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    See showmasters? He's already a pro in standing next to someone in front of a plain blueish screen whilst looking into a camera so photo ops at lfcc would go flawlessly you'd be foolish not to have him attend make it happen please you know you want to
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    So if your bed senses excessive vibration, it swallows you? I can think of no scenarios where that could be a problem.
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    It looks like LFCC Spring Will be back for another edition next year 29 feb-1 march 2020
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    Probably best not to reveal a future criminal activity on a public forum. Way too many witnesses
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    Tend to agree. Reckon it could be Emilia Clarke.
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    This is from LFCC 2014. I cannot be sure but I suspect Finn himself did it.
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    My gosh, there have been some awesome names included in this so far! I am going to throw my tuppence in the SM wishing well and say I would LOVE to have some LOTR guests, Firefly guests (especially Nathan Fillion, as I have met a few others!), Farscape guests (particularly as it is an anniversary year!), more Doctor Who guests (though there is already a pretty good line up so far - so excited!), Buffy guests, Marvel guests, Harry Potter guests, Star Wars guests... I don't think I can actually list all the different types of guest I would love to meet as it would take too long... Uh oh - can open, worms everywhere... Oooh, ooooh, Jackie Chan! And Dwayne Johnson! And Whoopi Goldberg! And Helen Mirren! And Sigourney Weaver! And Michelle Yeoh! And Stanley Tucci! And Zoe Saldana! And Julianne Moore! And Woody Harrelson! And Vin Diesel! And Harrison Ford! And... I think I need to stop and go and lie down now...
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    The cast of Red Dwarf
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    Who do you think it might be? Who? Doctor Who perhaps?
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    Emilia clarke kit Harrington natalie dormer peter dinklage sophie turner maisie williams lena headey Sarah Michelle gellar alyson hannigan amy acker natalie Alyn lind Emma Watson carlos Valdez danielle panabaker grant gustin Erica durance melissa Benoist MCU guests ewan McGregor natalie portman hayden christensen Hayley atwell walking dead guests
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    "Underground, overground wobbling free"
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    Short but sweet so far. Over the three days: Alfie Allen (P) Charles Dance (DP) Emilie De Ravin (P) Christina Ricci (DP) Hugh Quarshie (P&A) Tara Fitzgerald (P&A) Jason Isaacs (P) Shazad Latif (P&A) Lana Parrilla (P) Ian Whyte (P&A) Amanda Noar (A) Mike Carter (A)
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    Since Leslie from Police Academy is coming, then Bobcat Goldthwaite who played Zed from same series
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    Jodie Comer Sandra Oh
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    A lot of people cosplay as Negan these days. I wonder who Negan himself would cosplay as? Oh that's right, Negan cosplays as me.
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