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    I’m beyond saddened to hear of his untimely passing this morning. I first met him three years ago at another UK convention where for a glorious hour both he and J G Hertzler had everyone in stitches goofing their way through a duo and respective individual photo shoots: pulling faces, mercilessly mocking each other and in some cases unexpectedly photobombing each other to hilarious effect. At each subsequent event I met Aron, not only did he remember me but he’d take it upon himself to pinch my phone and show his fellow guests what he called “the greatest photobomb EVER!”. Following last year’s DST, we followed each other on Twitter and regularly kept in touch. On every single occasion he proved not only to be incredibly funny, but humble, kind and generous with his time - all true hallmarks of being part of the Star Trek family. I’m so glad he was able to contribute to the recent DS9 Doc where it’s plain to see just how much his time on the show meant to him. I hope you took a few slips of Latinum with you to buy your way into the Divine Treasury, Aron. RIP, you will be sorely missed.
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    I can’t remember which of you on here sent a email to Rubbertoe replicas but I’m glad you did because Rubbertoe have agreed to make more of the 12th Doctor sonic replicas next year so thank you I’m going to get my dream sonic after all!
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    I had a good day at work, called into a meeting with my new Boss and Grandboss for a catch up after our old boss left and told I have a very good attitude. So yeah. Little do they know that I've been stealing all the stationery and have cloned their ID's and pretending to be them on Ebay. That'll show them.
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    Yeah went to Nevada found the TARDIS in Area 51, tried to steal it , got arrested and banned from America, it seems only the Doctor is good at stealing the TARDIS
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    Update, and I'm getting quietly excited
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    And I am here... to let you know... that you are... a... (deep breath)... nerd.
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    After last year’s Spring event went so well we are really pulling out the stops now. We are now building this event more into what our summer LFCC is, so do watch out for more big guests and lots of cool ones! London Comic Con Spring is going to be a full on event that you will not want to miss. Jason Already a great guest line-up. Looks set to get even more amazing over the next few months judging by this post from Jason on Facebook.
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    For you Dr Who Fans.. a new guest at DST in Birmingham got a Dr Who connection. Daphne Ashbrook. http://www.daphneashbrook.com/doctorwho/
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    I was already looking forward to Jurassic World 3 but now with the news that Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern will also be appearing with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard it's going to be even more epic.
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    Will Deutschendorf (Oscar - Ghostbusters II)
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    Today I was told I do not look a day over 40.. There should be more of those in the world.
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    My HD/MM back catalogue watch continues. I've just watched one of HD's Dangerfield eps from 1998 and he looks like he's about 12 years old. Bless.
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    Had the pleasure of meeting an Irish cousin of a certain forum member. Can't make out if he was winking at me or is just chuffed to have solved Rubik's cube.
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    Why? Why would you say this?? Bad Kurdamoni, bad!!
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    Well if you'd had some conkers that wouldn't have happened.
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    N... No, I mustn't. Ner... Control yourself bear. NEEEEEEEEEEEERD!!!
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    Go ninja, go ninja, go. They told him to make it ice, so he made it ice.
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    Tickets are on sale for LFCC 2020 peeps!
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    "Finally, all my years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice training to be a dancer have paid off. I've got my big movie break!!!" "So I just dress up as clock and smack myself on the head with a couple of mallets, yeah?"
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