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    The origin of the VQ...
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    With Avengers Endgame coming out next month, it would be great if some of the cast from the film to be announced
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    the website has updated so another Spring Con next year
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    I’ve got a ticket for Jason Momoa (photo) this is going to be my first ever comic con!
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    After just finishing rewatching series 4 of Doctor Who, I would love for Catherine Tate or Freema Agyeman to be announced. I have really fond memories of those two in the programme (it was the point at which I became a proper fan) and I haven't met either of them before. Also, both would make great group photos with John Barrowman and Bernard Cribbins who are already announced - a Stolen Earth/Journey's End reunion!
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    See showmasters? He's already a pro in standing next to someone in front of a plain blueish screen whilst looking into a camera so photo ops at lfcc would go flawlessly you'd be foolish not to have him attend make it happen please you know you want to
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    So if your bed senses excessive vibration, it swallows you? I can think of no scenarios where that could be a problem.
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    It looks like LFCC Spring Will be back for another edition next year 29 feb-1 march 2020
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    Probably best not to reveal a future criminal activity on a public forum. Way too many witnesses
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    Just Karen Gillan and it would be fine
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    Guess what I'm doing now!
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    Taissa Farmiga Bonnie Aarons Vera Farmiga Patrick Wilson Demián Bichir
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    Yes, with Jason Isaacs already coming so please invite Helen McCrory as well and we will have a Malfoy reunion, and amazing photo op.
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    "Underground, overground wobbling free"
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    With easy to follow instructions and free home delivery. On special offer at your local IKEA. Hurry while stocks last!
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    My birthday is in November ... so is LFCC Winter ... looks like I know what I'm doing for my birthday this year.
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    The gremlins did good work: The original topic has completely disappeared. I reconstructed the above from the website. If I overlooked something please let me know.
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    What a suprise! Did not see that coming! Nope!
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    Yes!! Second this.
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    Short but sweet so far. Over the three days: Alfie Allen (P) Charles Dance (DP) Emilie De Ravin (P) Christina Ricci (DP) Hugh Quarshie (P&A) Tara Fitzgerald (P&A) Jason Isaacs (P) Shazad Latif (P&A) Lana Parrilla (P) Ian Whyte (P&A) Amanda Noar (A) Mike Carter (A)
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    Since neal McDonough cancelled back two years ago, would be great if he got announced for this one
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