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    My first Funko Pop given to me by a friend. I know they're not to everyone's taste but I have already ordered another two.
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    Yes you should. You really, really, really should. There are reasons. Oh and so should @The Friendly Dalek
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    1. Brian 2. Peter is his son 3. Interpretive dance 4. Mick Jagger 5. Star Wars
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    I already have at least 60 odd pop funko's. I succumbed ages ago. Missy wasn't the only pop funko I bought...
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    You have captured my interest. Lol
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    Head in a jar then. Has to be his head in a jar just like in Futurama.
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    Yep another person I’ve had to Google
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    I think it was mentioned on Twitter. But you don't do that so you missed out.
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    Got a ticket.
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    First day working from home and back to work after about 5/6 weeks. Finally got everything set up. Weird but alright so far... and i can play music which we arent allowed in work lol
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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tardis-Funko-Pop-Signed-by-Colin-Baker-Paul-McGann-David-Bradley-Doctor-Who/143590880833?hash=item216eaef641:g:clMAAOSwG3Jepxn2 Nice
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    Nor did I. I would eat it but save the characters on the bottom bit. Same here.
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    And I am assuming you are now suitably disappointed
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    I was concentrating very hard
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    Where does Series 12 rank in the modern era? Marginally above Series 11 but below Series 1-10. There were 3 good episodes, 3 average, 3 bad and 1 atrocious. But this series has made a lasting impression. Picture a 5 year old girl going into the sitting room to see what her two older brothers were doing. She had to be quiet as they were about to watch TV. So she snuggled up next to her Dad and watched Doctor Who. Her first episode was Tom Baker's first. She was captivated. She mourned the show ending in 1989. Watched the 1996 episode. And rejoiced as an adult when DW came back in 2005. But the last 2 series have been more of a chore than a pleasure to watch. I have absolutely no excitement for the seasonal special or Series 13. I probably won't even bother watching. I'll be back when Chibnall has gone. I'll just be happy watching earlier re-runs.
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    I must say I’m sad to see your marathon complete, it’s been great to have your reviews to read over and it’s influenced some of my classic viewing (where I don’t know as much). Maybe you could start it all over again to see if your opinions have changed over the last year and a half ). Whilst I haven’t agreed with some of your opinions it’s great to have read them. I have loved the Whittaker era so far, for example, but I think I’m biased as Jodie is from the same town as me, I saw some of the series 11 filming in Sheffield and I met Chris Chibnall at the red carpet premiere. To top it off, I could watch the series go out live for the first time in years as I work Saturday nights. It’s fair to say the production felt like it was geared towards my life! Chris Chibnall was such a genuinely nice man. He was very humble and clearly intelligent. I can’t help but like him and his work. I’ve sent him a couple of letters since meeting him and he’s kindly replied. But when I’m trying to be objective I am concerned about the conclusion to series 12. It did exactly what I thought should never happen: explain who the Doctor is. This said, when looking at Chris’ Broadchurch series plan, he often played the long game. I am holding judgement for now as I think there’s more to come on the subject. The surprises that we were treated to this last series (whether we like them or not) is something that also should be commended. In today’s day in age very little is kept secret but there was so much we didn’t know about. Even if we don’t love some of the creative choices, the Whittaker era has a strong logistic structure to keep a high quality production a secret. Again, thanks for writing the reviews, I look forward to your next project!
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    I got this one the other day, With no SM events had to buy from the Internet. John Dugan "Grandpa from Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Met him few years ago at a SM Event. Nice guy.
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    Finally got round to listening to it, never thought that would be a mash up of tunes that I needed in my life till now....
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    I don't think anyone will be surprised it LFCC is cancelled/postponed to be honest, but time will tell.
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    I don't mind as long as the whole kit is robust when fully assembled. Nothing worse than bits just snapping off.
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    Ah you got Johnny Lee Miller’s auto I want!
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    I don't think it was. Happy late birthday PCF
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    It would be a nice item to have and either way they aren't hugely expensive. I had a look at their other items and they have some really nice pieces.
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    Venusian Aikido
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    Sounds like a plan
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    A disgrace to your username.
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    I got 44/76 I was quite happy with that! My best were Doctor Who and The Thick of It what a surprise To be fair, there were a lot of classic who questions which made it hard!
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    What was your score like from Saturday's quiz @R4wly97? Rather embarrassingly by far my worst round was the Doctor Who themed one....
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    And one for the HP fans, multi signed inc John Hurt, though not an ideal location for displaying them I think https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/John-Hurt-Zoe-Wannamaker-Katie-Leung-Warwick-Davis-Signed-Wand-Box-Harry-Potter/143599425106?hash=item216f315652:g:dzEAAOSwNZNetWqJ
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    Nice item for any Buffy fans https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer-Multi-Signed-Script-S2-Ep-Ted/143600415161?hash=item216f4071b9:g:v9YAAOSwDlZetuKH
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    Oh right! Almost got lucky then!
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    You don't look happy
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    Nice to see you too. I'm sure we'll get a chance to meet at a con one day. That was a great evening even if I couldn't answer some of the questions. I did think you'd got lucky and were going to speak to Peter. Oh well.
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    I'll keep an eye open (when I'm not looking at Peter that is ). Should be fun.
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    I'm never going to do this again. Thank you for the kind words, and it's great to hear your story about meeting Chibnall. Although I'm not a fan of the era myself, I know a lot of people who enjoy the Chibnall episodes, and I'm happy for the people who are enjoying it. I'm sure Chibnall is a lovely person, it's just a shame I'm not a fan of his writing. I do hope his 5 year plan that he refers to has a satisfying conclusion which can hopefully reunite the divided fandom. It was definitely nice to have a series where the big reveals weren't spoiled months beforehand. Could you imagine how exciting series 10 would have been, had we not known about the return of Missy, John Simm and the Mondasian Cybermen? I love series 10 anyway but those would have been huge revels if the BBC didn't spoil it in trailers. I'm definitely happy that the spoilers are being kept well under wraps in this era.
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    Just remembered I never gave a score for series 12 as a whole. Overall rating for series 12- 4/10. The leads are more consistent in terms of acting, the writing tends to be stronger, and the reintroduction of a story arc made a world of difference in terms of retaining interest. Sacha Dhawan's Master ended up being my favourite thing to come out of this series. The episodes were of a higher quality than those in series 11, with stories such as Fugitive, Can You Hear Me and Haunting making up for the weaker stories. If the Timeless Child arc had a more satisfying conclusion I would rate it higher, but that story drags it down so much now I know what those great episodes are leading up to.
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    Are you joining the online charity quiz on zoom on Saturday that Peter’s hosting @Peter Capaldi Fan!?!?
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    We're so close to finishing this now. Only three more episodes to go. As this is effectively a three-parter I'll probably watch it all today, so it's gonna be a long review post as I'll most likely be doing all three in one.
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    Didn't know that. And there was me willing that tiny loin cloth to fall off.
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    Thanks for the reminder. I keep forgetting to order the archive stuff, too easily distracted....
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    No Capaldi gifs.
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    I wish all the surviving Doctor’s were in this especially Peter
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    I don't like this thread
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    I think with so many other events being cancelled or postponed, people are right to be worried, particularly the BIG US one that has never been cancelled in its 50 years. Events in August now being cancelled... maybe time to call it...? At least give plenty of notice (unlike another company I could mention, but won't).
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    LFCC is no longer being mentioned on the Olympia website. Plenty of other events for July and August still listed but LFCC is gone. Not sure if it's temporary or what it means.
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