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  1. Already met him two years ago but might consider a photoshoot this year!
  2. ...I'm not hyped up for this yet. WHY AM I NOT HYPED UP FOR THIS YET.
  3. Wear it!
  4. For ideas, pictures, what-have-you... ...Because some of us need a year to prepare.
  5. Everyone in my signature wishlist. Also Costas Mandylor again.
  6. I range from cosplaying my favourites, and characters I know are popular and easily recognized. I chose Elsa from Frozen as my first ever cosplay for the latter reason, for example. I also take into consideration how much a cosplay would cost me to make/buy.
  7. Dermot Mulroney Stefanie Scott Leigh Whannell Lin Shaye Shawnee Smith Costas Mandylor Lyriq Bent Dina Meyer Bahar Soomekh Betsy Russell James Wan Cary Elwes Augustus Prew Angus Sampson Athena Karkanis Scott Patterson
  8. A few people in the queue in front of me (for various guests) at Collectormania seemed to be in groups, only purchasing one autograph despite there being 2-4 people. At last year's LFCC, my dad tagged along with me while I went to meet guests even though he wasn't getting autographs. He just queued with me and made sure to tell crew members he was with me if they asked and all was fine. You should be okay! :)
  9. Unfortunately I don't have the time or money to put one together in time for LFCC, but I've wanted to do a Belle cosplay for ages! Who knows, one day perhaps... :)
  10. Oh no don't get me wrong, I don't blame him. It came out on reflex and quite honestly I believe I ought to have been put to death for this crime.
  11. I said this on reflex to Devon Murray, and then gave my camera to the crew member next to him and Devon just went "that's not a selfie!". I can't believe Devon Murray called me out like this.
  12. Truly. I had the choice between ugly sandals and painful heels. Tragic.
  13. You know how US versions of UK things are never as good as the original? The US Chris Evans is the one exception to this.
  14. You were my first photo of the day! :) Loved yours too, it was spot on.
  15. Great photos as usual, Robert! Thanks so much! :)