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Your Favourite Autographs?

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Dent_1    272

Post LFCC I scan in my new autos and find myself looking back over ones collected in years past, often trying to whittle down my favourites, which always makes me wonder which are other people's favourites too, and why?

I know many people say there is little point posting autographs (compared to say, photoshoots) because, for the most part, signatures all look the same, however I enjoy seeing what photos/items people have chosen to be signed, what coloured pens etc. Plus it is great to see any extra personalisations/messages.

These are mine...

1. Sigourney Weaver

My favourite actress bar none. Never thought she'd ever turn up at a con over here. Gracious and down to earth. I had her sign several things for me but as Alien3 was the first of that series I watched as a kid, this photo has more sentimental value. Sigourney was suitably impressed I brought this image from a fashion shoot she did with Helmut Newton where she put on her Alien3 costume. The best guest Showmasters have ever booked IMO. A real Hollywood star and such a rare opportunity.


2. Gillian Anderson

Second favourite actress. Was obsessed with the X-Files growing up and like Sigourney, Anderson was a top 5 dream guest I never thought would happen. I'd heard for years (online) she supposedly hated signing X-Files stuff so was shocked she was announced for LFCC... either she had mellowed or all that was BS because she class act in all respects. Gillian didn't like that she was 'grimacing', in the photo, as she put it, but I like the shot from the 1st movie when X-Files was at the height of its popularity. (Check out the massive 'cell-phone!')


3. Sir Patrick Stewart

A living legend and one of my favourite actors. I've met him several times now, and each time he seems to be embracing the convention scene more which is nice to see. He has signed lots of things for me but this shot, from my favourite scene, from the best Trek film (First Contact), is my favourite. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I got a personalisation: a rarity to say the least.


4. Sir Roger Moore

The late great Sir Rog. I would loved to have met him but sadly never did, but he often did private signings, for charity I believe, through his agent at Pinewood which is how I got this one. Despite the usual disclaimers that all requested messages should be short etc. I thought I'd chance my arm and ask if he would put his favourite Bond line, on my favourite Bond pic, no hard feelings if he would prefer not to. He very graciously did. I've never seen such autos from him anywhere. He was such a great, and fun Bond, and from all accounts an all round decent person doing a lot of work to help others.


5. & 6. Carrie Fisher & Mark Hamill

Rather than being a fan of them/their work in general I met them for my love of Star Wars, and because I thought I would regret missing the opportunity. As it turns out, they ended up being two of the most fan friendly people I have ever met. Both incredibly busy due to their popularity but really took their time and put in the effort to make their interactions with fans memorable. Both very eccentric as well. It was quite the ordeal to actually get to meet them: Fisher in the days before Diamond passes when she was filming Force Awakens and hadn't make a UK con appearance in years, and Hamill at the 'other' (SW franchise) event that was run so tightly very few VTs got to see him. These are two of my favourites because the interactions with the actors really made me like them as Hamill and Fisher as opposed to just Luke & Leia.


7. Alice Krige / 8. Steven Williams / 9. Karl Urban

Three guests who stood out for just being downright nice to meet, who make you wish every guest was as pleasant as them. You can't stop Krige talking to fans. Williams was very humble, and the complete opposite of his character in The X-Files, and Urban is a very down-to-earth 'star'. He clearly appreciated the Dredd pic when at Destination Trek (a fantastic film).


10. Ursula Andress / 11. Famke Janssen

As a massive Bond fan, these two need to be here if only for rarity. Ursula is part of film history, and Famke one of the few memorable modern Bond girls. Ursula started writing my name and then after the 'u' stopped herself from writing the French 'Luc', and checked it was with a 'ke', hence the weird gap in my name! Famke, despite being something of a nightmare at last year's LFCC, suprisingly obliged with a quote.



Curious to hear what other people's favourites are, and the more pictures the better!

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josh-hammond    718

AWESOME THREAD IS AWESOME! i love seeing other people's autographs and reading about why they are special to them. 

here are some of my favourites. (In no order)

1. Every cast member from Collateral Beauty who attended the London Premiere, including Will Smith, Naomie Harris, Dame Helen Mirren and Edward Norton
i got to meet Will Smith and Helen Mirren, 'nuff said, really. i dont do many premieres, but ive had a lot of success with the ones ive been too. Ive been a fan of most of the main cast for a LONG time and i was hoping i'd get just one auto from any of them. i ended up getting everyone who attended the premiere, I even got a photo with Will Smith so i was BUZZING. 
there were loads of dealers there trying to get autos to sell and they all were moaning how edward norton never signs for people. he did about 3 autos on the way in then all the dealers left. 10 minutes later he comes back out and signs for the 6 or so of us who were still waiting. nice getting one over on the dealers!


2. Another Premiere: X-Men Apocalypse. 
another where my friend and I were SUPER successful. we got autos from Jennifer Lawrence, James Mcavoy, Oscar Isaac, Evan Peters, Olivia Munn and LOADS of others (although for the 2nd time at a premiere Sophie turner skipped past me. WHY WONT SHE LOVE ME?!?!?!?!?!?!!) we got there quite late but ended up right in front of the interview stage so the guests would come straight to us after being on stage. Jennifer Lawrence is GORGEOUS in person.



3. George A Romero
sad to hear about him passing away not too long ago. i met him at LFCC and he was genuinely one of the nicest guests ive ever met. i was expecting him to be, for lack of a better word, a bit of a butthead, but he was SO SO SO nice. he seemed so genuinely excited and happy to be at the con, meeting fans. an absolute gentleman and wonderful person. im lucky enough to have had a friend snap a picture of me shaking his hand as well. I also got this dvd cover signed by Tom Savini at last years LFCC as well.


4. JK Rowling
Im a BIG harry potter fan. over the past few years ive been dealing with mental health issues which have greatly affected me. fortunately i am improving slowly, which is good. One of the things that helped me get through a lot of the really bad days was escaping into books. i binge read the HP series repeatedly and i wrote to JK Rowling explaining how much her books had helped me through the bad times and gave me an escape into a world where i didnt have to worry about anything. i recieved this signed postcard back which i thought was a pre print for a while until i realised it had a hologram sticker on the back. a bit of research later and i found that she only puts those stickers on legit autograhps and she only responds to letters which she feels deserves a reply, so this one is very special to me. 



5. The Walking Dead cast
I am a HUGE walking dead fan, so every guest ive met and every person who ive received a reply from when writing to them through the mail trying to get autographs is VERY special to me. also, Lauren Cohan is a goddess and i love her a little bit.


6. Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead Artist)
Ive been lucky enough to meet Charlie Adlard 3 times, and each time he has signed a comic and done a sketch for me. i have a large Walking Dead collection and these are one of my most prized possessions! the first one (the middle comic on the picture) involved a trip from peterborough to wrexham, my first ever overnight stay for a con, a surprise £150 train fair because the lady on the train was a royal pain in the bum and a 4 hours wait in the morning to make sure i was at the front of his queue at the convention.


7. Game of Thrones S5 World Premiere
a friend of mine won a competition and took me as his plus one to the GoT S5 World premiere at the tower of london. we got to go into a VIP fan area in the moat and got LOADS of autographs. i got all of these, plus a load more in my autograph book as well. some of the squiggles include kit harrington, nikolai coster waldau, alfie allen and gwendoline christie. ones i got in my book included conleth hill, isaac hempstead wright and jonathan pryce.


Ive got a load of other autographs as well. all of them are on my autograph collecting page on facebook: Joshs Autograph Adventures (it wont let me link the page directly)

Other honourable Mentions:
My HP Poster, signed by all the HP guests at this years LFCC

Ophelia Lovibond and Lew Temple, because they both wrote notes back to me

and SIr Ian McKellen, because he was kind enough to also get Sir Patrick Stewart to also sign it for me

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sammyromie    532

I have so many that I love but if I should choose one, then it would be this. David Hewlett has been my favourite for years and this photo I chose specifically when meeting him for the second time out of three so far and he wrote a message I asked him to write, which is my favourite quote of his character in Stargate Atlantis :)




You can see the rest of my autos here: www.sammysautographs.weebly.com

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