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Latest Guest Announcement - ANTHONY CARRIGAN

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Its times like this I wish that they'd release the DVD of #Gotham a lot earlier, two huge guests and no DVD to put them on. But am still looking forward to meeting him :)

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Best guest of the weekend! Anyone who didn't see him missed out big time!


If he comes again, do not pass up the opportunity!


He is just the warmest and most charming man I can ever imagine existing :wub: such a sweetheart :blush:

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Anthony was really nice to meet, he's the first to sign my Gotham pic and he looks stunning on it (will be interesting to see how this picture looks in a years time) we had a really nice chat, he was very personable and I told him how much of a HUGE hit Gotham is over here and explained how the dvd will be out in October and really looking forward to it - a truly nice guest whom I hope will be back soon.


So glad that I've met him :) Wonderful guest.

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