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  1. With the large amount of classic Doctor Who companions attending, how about getting Carole Ann Ford and Maureen O'Brien? Would also love to see Bruno Langley, Bernard Cribbins, Jacqueline King, Ellis George, Burn Gorman, Naoko Mori, Tommy Knight, Yasmin Paige or Daniel Anthony.
  2. Just got home after my not-so-busy weekend at Collectormania. All of the six guests I met were very friendly and appeared to be enjoying themselves, which is always a good sign. I've got to give a special mention to Chad Coleman who was fantastic all weekend. I got my photo take with him as soon as I arrived and then went on to get a VQT for the autographs I wanted off him. I was very pleased to find out he was allowing table photos so that was an added bonus after I got everything I wanted signed. I hope to see him back at another event soon, as he was great with his fans and seemed like he was very much enjoying what I believe to be his first UK con (correct me if I'm wrong.) However, echoing what previous posters have said there were also a lot of problems that occurred this weekend, which I believe need to be addressed before the next show in Milton Keynes. First of all, only using the concourse was a ridiculous idea as it led to overcrowding of the majority of the way around the stadium, particularly near the Sports guests which was a nightmare to get through every time I had to. Please bring back the hall next year as there has never been this much of a problem at previous events. Continuing on from this, the dealer's tent was also majorly overcrowded with little room to move, let alone look for things to buy, and also the smell in there was disgusting. The dealers being in the hall worked so much better and I'm pretty sure all of them would have preferred it, as it wasn't a particularly pleasant environment. Finally, my main gripe this year was how the show appeared to be much more 'Sportsmania' than 'Collectormania.' All of the guests I met were great, as I said previously, but the media line up was particularly lacklustre compared to previous years due to the underwhelming amount of guests. If this event is going to be primarily aimed at Sports fans, then it needs to be advertised in that way, as I expected an equal turn out of media guests compared to previous years and was of course disappointed. Overall, I did enjoy meeting the guests who appealed to me but not as much the convention itself. I hope improvements are made for the next time Collectormania goes to Milton Keynes.
  3. I personally can see this being one of the last CM:MK events, as more interest seems to be being put into the Comic Cons that are all run in major cities and the major lack of guests in the media line up despite their populaity. Praying for some last minute announcements as the cost of travel and the hotel really isn't worth it at the moment.
  4. I think so, yes. (but of course, guests can be added anytime....) I'm also a bit surprised that this was released already, I was expecting it next week. That's disappointing then
  5. Does the schedule being put up make any more guest announcements highly unlikely?
  6. Really disappointed about this. This cancellation is a big blow to the media guest line up...
  7. Not sure, but didn't they move the date to June so that they could get more media guests? I'm not sure, but if they did it obviously hasn't worked. If I'm honest I'm not expecting any more guests now as the event is next weekend.
  8. Very excited to meet Chad! Has anyone received their photoshoot tickets yet?
  9. I completely agree that the Sports line up is fantastic this year, which is good for everyone who are fans of sports but I am not one of those, so here's hoping for more guests who can build the Media side of the event up to the standard of the Sport side of the event. I understand that the quality of guests differs from person to person, due to differing interests, but the fact the Media section of the event is so poorly represented in terms of number of guests, compared to last year, is worrying. After the announcement of there being no more Collectormania Milton Keynes in the Winter months, I was expecting a spectacular Summer event, so I hope SM can prove me right and reel off a load more names in the next few weeks.
  10. Last year there were 82 media guests attending the show, and at the moment there are only 37 media guests attending this year... The fact it's under half the amount is quite worrying, and I'm for a bombardment of announcements in the next two weeks before the show. Fingers crossed for Doctor Who and The Walking Dead guests specifically.
  11. Really hoping for a Doctor Who companion... I would love to see Bernard Cribbins announced! I will be attending but at the moment there are only five guests I want to meet, which is minuscule compared to last year, so I'm hoping for a few guests from Doctor Who, Torchwood,The Walking Dead, Under The Dome, Lost, etc. to be announced.
  12. Being as Gareth David-Lloyd and John Leeson have been announced recently, despite them already being announced for other events, I'm hoping for a few more Doctor Who guests who too are already attending elsewhere. I would especially love to see Bonnie Langford, Camille Coduri and Dan Starkey announced!
  13. I think we need another The Walking Dead guest to go with Chad if I'm honest... He'd be lonely by himself! I would especially love to see David Morrissey attend.
  14. Fantastic guest announcement! Will definitely be attending now!
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