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  1. I hav a standard entry ticket but i can make it alot earlier now can i upgrade to an early entry ticket?
  2. Im gutted but im glad they replaced him with another GOT guest
  3. I feel like im chasing him around i was ment to meet him at milton keyenes but he rescheduled for here now he has rescheduled for newcastle, well i cnt go to that one so im absolutly gutted
  4. Let me be the first to say yeeeeeeeees!!! Id love a double shoot with him and robert emms that would be cool!
  5. Im very very tempted to travel up for this to meet billy dee williams and robert englund because... Well how cud u not want to meet them but its a long way to travel for such a small guest list, will more be added?
  6. I can see what you mean to big, yes the amount of guests is the same as last year but the names are alot bigger than last time as usually u will hav a handful of big names and many smaller names while this time there are more bigger names than there are smaller names, as im happy to pay 45 for gambon but then there are a few guests at this price and this then becomes too expensive. Its ashame that some of these guests cant b at other events around the country because none of the others are a scratch on the london event, a medium size guest at london is a headliner everywhere else. Imagine if gambon came to milton keynes collectormania it will be amazing!
  7. I had the same thing wen paying for a photo ticket with lee selby that the site says 15 and i was charged 20 wen i got there
  8. Im still waiting for my jimmy bullard and my gage/dowling photos tobbe refunded
  9. You met anthony carrigan in the end then haha, I met him aswell and he was dead lovely!
  10. I umm'd and ahhh'd about meeting him but on sunday i just thought yano wat ill meet him and im so glad i did because i agree he was so lovely and chatty
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