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  1. Well done Showmasters. A very well thought out message. So happy with this announcement. Cautiously optimistic for November now and so excited to still be able to meet Robbie Coltrane
  2. For those people who feel comfortable going, I hope the event still goes ahead for you. For those of us who do not feel comfortable going, I hope we are going to be entitled to refunds or an exchange for vouchers to be used at a future con. I know this isnt the usual process but hopefully there will be flexibility in the bizarre times we are living in
  3. We were told today he was charging an extra £5 for quotes but personalisations were free. Still taken a bit off guard as you didn't find out until after you had paid for the autograph and were standing right infront of him.
  4. Did anyone get a photo with Rahul Kohli? Is he a hugger? What was he like? I have a photo with him tomorrow and am honestly a little intimidated by this feisty human!
  5. Not to worry then! Thank you both! I remember picking mine up on the Friday last year but didn't know if I'd missed out on an opportunity to be EVEN MORE ORGANISED!
  6. Ah thank you! I figured as much but am bouncing off the walls with excitement so thought I'd check!!
  7. This question might have been asked somewhere already but I can't see it anywhere. Are we able to pick up weekend ticket wristbands on Thursday or is is only from Friday morning onwards? Thanks!
  8. If you email shop@showmastersevents.com they might be able to swap your 3 singles for one trio shoot. They often allow upgrades. Can't guarantee but it's worth a try.
  9. I can't stop crying. He's been the one to meet for years!!
  10. Now that you've announced Rose McIver, how about finally getting us Rahul Kohli??? I'm dying to meet him
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