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Latest Guest Announcement - Tim Russ


Attending: Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Autograph Price: £15


Photoshoot Price: £15






Star Trek: Voyager (TV Series)
Tuvok / Lieutenant Tuvok / Tulak


Die Hard 4.0
Chuck Summer


Samantha Who? (TV Series)




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Word cannot express how pleased I am about Ethan and Tims announcement, Voyager was the first Sci Fi programme I ever watched and got me into everything I am today, the Voyager crew have always been at the top of my to meet list so thank you soooo much SM

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Meet Tim lots of times always a gentleman and really engaging with you when you ask him about directing and comedy.

on a personal note it will be great to be able to ask him about his Star Trek Renegades project/pilot. heard they just done the music are ready to show CBS later this month-and with luck(fingers crossed) Mr Russ will get the go ahead for this to become new show.

and also it's voyagers 20th anniversary this year! :WAVE:

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hands up who remembers Tim Russ in "Spaceballs" before he did Trek and later he did a role on "freddy's nightmares" tv show with Robert Englund.

hope everyone who orders a photo shoot with Tim wears pointed ears and gives him a vulcan greeting

the man is a vulcan/trekkie master bar none

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