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  1. As Stuart said, well aware he wasnt a Diamond guest but he could just as well been with his resume and with his slow signing atleast in the begining it was some work to get to meet him
  2. Yeah The gold helped me with RDA but for both Paxton and Weaver the que where just randomly opend for anyone to enter when they where away for a photoshot so in return for waiting so to speak VQ tickets wherent used.
  3. Karl J

    Who do you regret not meeting?

    Well the ones i missed was purely down to falling for some temptations in the stalls that i hadnt budgeted for so my own fault really. But Michael Gambon and Neve Campbell i very much regret not meeting. James Remar and Gregg Henry would also have been very nice but besides that i met most of the people i came to see.
  4. I got RDA on the friday, Bill Paxton on saturday and Sigourney on the sunday and those three where my main points for coming so am very happy with that. Had no diamond pass just gold.
  5. Karl J

    Anyone met Sigourney Weaver yet?

    I Had goldpass and managed to get an auto from her and agree it was a great move to place her in a separat room as it made for a calmer atmosphere. Also am so so happy i got the purchased the powerloader shoot instead of a normal shoot wich was slightly cheeper, is so much worth the extra cost just wish the powerloader would have been slightly more visible but im thrilled over the pic. But i have to agree with many of the posters she looked stunning. She has seriously aged great.
  6. Well Cristopher was a Diamond guest so would only be Diamond passes that got ahead as gold pass holders needed to get VQ tickets just as all others for these guests. In my opinion though yeah to many was sold. I decided to get a gold pass this year for the first time and both on friday and saturday i was there 30-60 minutes Before opening and still got like 3-400 VQ ticket for Sigourney and same for Paxton. Managed to meet both on the evening of saturday and sunday not to long Before closing but i bet many didnt get the chance. Though by that time VQ tickets wherent longer followed so anyone who walked up could join the que. This years experience was not as good as prior years for me. Gold wasnt worth what it costed, sure i could see the benefits with photoshoots as i did more than i have ever than at one event(3 shoots) But it really seems lacking when it cómes to people who comes mostly for autos.
  7. Not to big at all in my opinion. Just cause there is 100+ guests doesnt mean you need to meet all of them or have interest in all. Ther is 20 ish people i am interested in and would be willing to see, I have cut it down to 10 of these i will definately meet if all go to plan. There are Another 4-5 that depending on finances i may also see. Like 2 weeks ago the 20 people where instead 9 and some of those 9 are now on my backuplist so the last weeks have been very exciting. Personally i collect people that have not nessesarily a big part of a Movie or a show but have had a part that stood out in some way or Another even if they had a shorter appearance. More guests means wider spread likely so will appeal to more fans.
  8. Oki I must say this package is the most valuable of the Diamond ones for me atleast, no fancy t-shirts or things to justify the cost just autos and photos that i was going to get anyhow. I like the reduced price of second auto thats a nice touch. If theres passes left when salary hits the bankaccount i will buy one. That i could never think when i saw the first Diamond passes that where realeased what they contained to many for me unwanted extras. A question though about this Limited Edition LFACC Exclusive Aliens Print, Is there a photo available of this one? Have been fortunate to meet a handfull of Aliens cast Before and the box i have had them sign is getting a bit full. When i started out i never expected i would get to see so many of them so im thinking of starting a signed poster when so many of the big actors are here.
  9. Karl J

    Firefly Cast for LFCC 2015!

    Would love this!!
  10. Will the info about new sale come at same time tickets are released or will we be given a heads up some time Before?
  11. Karl J

    Showmasters shops moving to e-Ticketing system!

    While i can understand that some people prefer e-tickets i know im not the only one who prefers the opposite. I own neither a printer or a smartphone and have no plans of getting one. When ordering tickets for Concerts and stuff there is usually two or more options. E-ticket or a physical ticket mailed to you for a added fee. Personally i dont trust E-tickets and when it comes to the amount of Money i have usually spent at these cons i am even more hesitant to use them. Why blocking of some of your customers like this? What stops you from using both ways?
  12. Karl J

    Svenska Showmasters fans

    Förmodligen kommer jag sticka till LFCC i sommar. Brukar ta en vecka i London och hitta på lite annat utöver mässan.
  13. Karl J

    a certain guest or possibly guests

    Yeah would be Epic to see him. He was also good in Beowulf and one of my favourite films gunmen.
  14. Nice, not been watching much star trek tbh but i followed Voyager quite alot when i was a kid. Hope its some kind of reunion going on.
  15. But then on the other side just let them have their opinions. To me someone saying good for the fans but nothing for me can hardly be offensive or hurting someones feeling. All cant like the same things but if we are just allowed to praise things and not show other opinions this forum will be very one-eyed and not a nice Place to hang around. Of course limitations to this would also be needed, someone saying ok good for the fans but not for me is way better than someone saying crappy guest and how disapointing anouncement.