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  1. Thought the crew in the main were great this year but the guy at the MJF photoshoot was very rude and i think lucky someone didn't have a go at him.
  2. I wasn't there in 2012 but when I went to LFCCW 2013, they used 1 hall. This is in 6 so if 2012 was the same then I'd say there will be more space. Yes, a fair bit more space than 2012 - in 2012 they used the West Hall (lower level) and Grand Hall, it appears those are in use for another event this time around (though that event finishes on Thursday, the breakdown/setup of the events overlap) but with the other halls in use there is more space overall than then, or than last year for that matter. Is the grand hall olympia's biggest? if so does that mean this years event will be in smaller but more numerous halls? this could lead to many bottlenecks and alot of overcrowding. Please don't lock this thread sm. Just please inform us.
  3. I've only been to 1 Olympia lfcc in 2012 can someone tell me is there more floor space at this years event than 2012, it sure sounds like it. I'm guessing all the diamond guests will be seperated from unpaying eyes as well leaving the main bit under the glass free for the rest which would help.
  4. It is difficult because as you say it is just "real" fans buying the tickets off the scammers and sm doesn't lose money on tickets as they are already sold infact a ticket that is sold but not used WOULD cost sm money as that person would have spent money inside the venue. I think what the real problem sm mean is the fake tickets that will have fans missing out when they get turned away and the type of person who touts tickets is not always the best. These cause sm problems through no fault of their own not to mention they won't want fans of their shows getting ripped off.
  5. This is not just a lfcc thing. Sadly people do this all over the world, unfortunately some people take it way to far.
  6. I hate scammers, they are so annoying. They do it with limited edition blu rays, posters etc. To be clear though sm are painting that all resold tickets are scammers, they will not be. SM don't refund entry tickets so people or families that can't attend will try to sell them on as they can't get a refund. This is the 1st thing sm should tackle, maybe in future allow people to return their tickets with a waiting list of those who missed out ready to buy them. Lets face it entry into lfcc with more than likely double in the next 2/3 years as it is selling out (normal buisness practice) that may cut down on scammers but in reality there is probably not alot sm can do beyond names on tickets and checking id's but that would take ages with an event of this size. A rock and a hard place really. I think the best thing is just to book early through official channels. I think last year tickets had been on sale a week or 2 before i bought them, next year it will be as soon as they go on sale. Maybe its time for wembley under the roof sm 200.000 on the pitch and on the concourse :) EDIT. I've jst thought, get a points system in place that rewards people who buy official year on year giving them first option on tickets for the next year or let us make a deposit on a ticket for the next year. That would be a good way to repay the real fans.
  7. Sadly yes but thats showmasters and why outside of this forum why there reputation is not as good as it could be. Knowing them they will probablly ban me.
  8. Just let you're customers talk and treat us like adults. No doubt someone will argue against free speech it being the internet and all but come on, threads are getting locked for absolutely nothing. Its no excuse to say "im locking this thread because weve had coversations like this before" if you didn't censor us all there wouldn't be repeated threads.
  9. Am i missing something here? why can't someone sell their ticket if they want to? SM won't lose anything by it. Thinking about though it does stop scammers which will become a problem now the show sells out.
  10. I thought it was great, a zillion times better than 3 or salvation imo.
  11. I bought this one of ebay the other day. Its not arrived yet but it looked ok. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Telescopic-Drawing-Tube-adjustable-carry-strap-Standard-Size-/391176829951
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