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  1. i was there all 3 days and the only auto i missed out of 14 targets (most were multiple posters to sign)was Franco Nero, i even brought an original django poster for him to sign.because he didn't turn up Friday so i spend his earmarked money on extra autos on other guests, then on Sunday had the choice buy food & drink or Franco Nero auto. i choice poorly and regret it now
  2. wow brilliant-i got 3 original hammer posters for her to sign, tempted to get so much stuff for her to sign, as she was in so many films, wow my number one meet on Friday now!
  3. noo! (khan style!)he was the only person i wanted to see! i had about 25 original movie posters (some very rare),press kits,books etc for him to sign (had but aside over £600 just for his autos) and was planning on queuing over and over(5 items at a time all weekend. oh well things happen, maybe I'll meet him another time.probably go to LFCC instead now and meet some 80's actors i like.
  4. meet him at lfcc a few years back, he was great,wanted to talk for ages about all his films. i recently obtained a massive collection of Rutger original film posters and original press kits.how I'm i to choose what to get signed now?? i love all his films and after Blade runner,Hitcher,Nighthawks,Flesh & blood-i really loved his over the top acting in the British 90's sci fi film "split second" so funny. oh man i see myself spending a fortune , thanks showmaster for bringing him back
  5. I'll be back again this year, after colletermania 25 unexpectedly i have a lot money left over for LFCC. ( had no chance of meeting Robert Englund, insane queues and only one auto per person and i needed 5 autographs at least(10 if i could get them)-heard rumors he no longer doing European cons anymore that was his last) so hotel & travel sorted now, beer money ready!, and quiz brain ready,well I'll pass on that one! thou 70's &80's film/TV, if not too drunk never let me down - just give me a time and a place and will be there! 1. Tenaciouspirit 2. Wjbleming+1 3. Smithy (+0) 4. Astro_Nut +0 5. Optimistic-skye +2 6. Mario + 9 7. whitewillow 8. timlux 9. natedammit (-1) 10. teskothemad + 1 lovely wife 11.redjohn +1
  6. my 2nd favorite trek girl -met her countless times and each time was fab, thou our Klingon wedding photo in Vegas is my all time favorite photo shoot,even Adam Nimoy when he saw it liked it.just wonder if she'll bring Adam with her as well
  7. met her in the USA were her autograph was a bit expensive, all i say is i won't be planning on meeting her again.but you guys who not met her before go say hello
  8. great guest - meet him in first London destination star trek, he had lots of great stories.i got him to sign a copy of "The rules of Acquisition" were he asked me what rules I'll put in the book, which lead to a lot of jokes.also Ira,Ronald d Moore, Brannon Braga came to the party had a few drinks and it was very amusing talking to them as even they moaned about the beer prices at that event (£6 for a 275ml bottle)
  9. i'll be there again this year and will probably bring along a convention buddy(its his first LFCC but you guys prob seen him at various other cons-he's a con regular). i'm very weak on dr who so might have to study a bit!! (get them tom baker dvd's out again!) i should be alright on Marvel also if Trek,70/80's tv,sci fi & horror films questions come up but i've no chance if harry potter or kids films come up(never seen one in entire life even as a kid i rather watched horror films), bet there be lots of stuff on harry potter now! god help me i just hope the beer is cold and you guys leave me some food lol
  10. my suggestions being a bit selfish here (since I've met most of the guests at this event many,many times before) I'm now collecting some autographs for my cult independent film club- specially horror film ones for Halloween so would love Tony Todd, Robert Picardo, Andrew Robinson to be announced from a Trek view i want behind the scenes people-specially the "Discovery" people- like Bryan Fuller, Alex Kurtzman, Nicholas Meyer. and would like to met again -Eugene Roddenberry, Ira Steven Behr, Brannon Braga, Manny Coto, michael westmore and star trek expert Larry Nemecek who has so many great story's to share( He has portrayed Dr. McCoy in the Star Trek Continues as well)
  11. totally agree great guy, always up for a laugh.tell him a joke he'll love it. plus he's normally pretty open for doing funny poses in photo shoots too, just ask he normally says yes.
  12. yes same here as soon as i heard booked my leeta photo shoot Can't wait to talk to Chase again thou i'm running out of things for her to sign but can always maybe get some more "big finish" audio stuff signed. she is such a sweet heart, kind, open and friendly person ,a joy to be near. A Star Trek (or any con) would not the same without her,
  13. Think the only way I ever will is to fork out and fly over for a Stateside con, another one for the lottery list! he even cancels his usa cons as well- been over to usa and he cancelled on 2 events i went to. not to impressed with the 5 new guests (meet them all ton's of times) but have bought a leeta photo shoot with my old friend Chase Masterson(not seen her for a few months) very rare opportunity which as a big Chase fan will not miss out on. but Frakes its a shock if he actually has no work commitments when there is a star trek con on.
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