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  1. The cosplays were awesome again this year :)
  2. *facepalm*, fine, stuff a croissant in there instead of the breadcrumbs I mentioned, the comparison is still valid, it was indeed not what people thought it would be, because something else was promised, which is exactly my point!
  3. Uhm, if you'd go to your local baker and he sells you a bag with the promise there is a bread inside, you'll be happy with his explanation "Sometimes things just don't turn out the way originally planned" when you only find a few breadcrums in the bag? It reminds me of last year with the webby awards, when we were promised a show too with Stan, when the actual event was seeing Stan for 1 minute and pretty much no one of the award winners showing up, with the presentor trying his best to make jokes to cover up the mess... Or the GoT screening of last year, which was promised a special guest, who turned out to being a pinata of Joffrey... If you make a promise, you stick to it in my book...that or if you really have no choice, at least have the decency to apologise and inform people what they are actually getting up front, which was not the celebration as announced, but 15 or so unknown guests stuffed in a room half of us couldn't even find...
  4. Stuffing about 15 unknown guests in an unreachable room (Where was it anyway? I found the amount of guests less then I had expected already, but I thought I was dreaming, but missing out on a whole room would explain it...) on the 3rd level with little to no attention is not what I'd call a celebration
  5. Just an observation here, but maybe then not announce you're celebrating the 35th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back until you've actually got the guests for it, instead of screaming it off the rooftops, getting people excited and then just ignore it because you managed to sign MJF to come to your event....?
  6. Nice try but you were wrong. but l'll forgive you for not knowing the TOS by heart...l looked it up myself
  7. uhm, according to the SM TOS the copyright actually belongs to Showmasters Ltd....all we get for our 10 - 95 pounds is a print and the print and any digital copies you might buy (again.. ) afterwards are only given to you for personal, non commercial use only. Making copies for personal, non commercial use is still personal, non commercial use, so it's within the rules of the licence we've paid for. So I don't see why any photoprint studio would say no to perfectly legal business.
  8. lol I could post my whole wish-list here as there was no one announced this summer from it.... Still a nice group of non-diamond level guests, so still got to meet a swell bunch of nice guests, but topping this year's lineup for me shouldn't be too hard for SM to accomplish...Lets see in a few months who they'll start announcing...
  9. Nope, Summer experience and reaction to that from SM made me decide to skip LFCCW. focusing on other events now. Might be back for next year Summer event, depending on the line up.
  10. Only saw them being sold on the sunday, for obvious reasons I was not interested anymore...Event was almost over
  11. Yup, missed out (And I had a gold pass mind you...didn't give me priority in the staircase/elevator queues...maybe a tip for next year? lol) because at one point getting to (and from, which also stopped me going there too often) level 3 was pretty much impossible...Not true according to Jason, reading his posts, but the pounds still left in my wallet are proof the auto's didn't happen...Oh well, luckily the missed out on guests I still wanted auto's from have been announced elsewhere instead....so won't miss out after all :)
  12. Met a guy on the friday who missed out on his hero, Christopher Lloyd, even though he went straight for the tickets when he got in...got him VQ ticket 33 on the saturday first thing l was inside, made his day. Never saw him again afterwards though, so hope he got his auto. This whole vq ticket thing is why l have a gold pass though, so l don't need to worry about this....still sad that has changed with DP's...
  13. Won't happen, would mean less sold auto's, thus less money made and in the end that is what the show is about.
  14. Part of the game, people buy auto's, people are allowed to sell their property...remember, you buy the auto, not the time with the guest, or so SM reminds us.... Personally, yeah, it's the time with the guest l gladly pay for, being a real fan, and yeah, it's sad if people who do not cherish their moment with the guest and just get the auto's to sell get to meet the guest while real fans miss out, but unfortunatly l don't think there is anything SM can do about it...
  15. You're missing the point autograph wise..You could easily get autographs from the non-diamond pass guests as most of them had open queues, so a gold pass didn't give you any help there and for diamond pass guests you needed a VQ ticket, again no gold pass help there. So the gold pass has become pretty useless for the autograph collectors. For photoshoots the same thing. Yeah, you go in first, but if you buy your photoshoots quick enough, which is now extra easy with Etickets being sold, you'll get batch 1 tickets, who go straight after the golds, so you won't be waiting that much longer either. Goodie bag had a few old trinkets, Chill out room consists of a few tables, chairs, sweets and water and was closed during talks, photoshoot vouchers were handy thanks to the last minute rule change, but autograph vouchers were useless. So no, I didn't think I got value for money on the gold pass this year, unlike last year when that pass actually helped with the biggest guests. So I hope next year improvements will be made to make that pass worth it again. I am sorry i think you miss the point gold passes will normally get in first that will not change going forward and infant we may even extend the early entry more on this soon but there is great value in that as you can pick up all your VQ tickets and that is priceless If the gold pass dose not work for you and you feel it has no value thats fine but i will remind you we did sell a lot of them the week before the show and that in the end we did sell out of them by the days of the show and the feed back is that they are very useful. people talk about the sweets in the gold's room or how big that is or the goody bag is but that is just titbits the value is getting in to the lines at the back with out having to get a VQ ticket and the diamond pass guests you get access to these guests first so if you wear you can get a VQ ticket , thats the value and i know many of you know this and see is for what it is. jason Sorry Jason, but maybe you missed where l mentioned most of the queues for smaller guests are open, so gold pass doesn't help there. For the diamond level guests we now need VQ tickets, we didn't need those in 2014 and before. You said it yourself, that is where the value was, so you lowered the value, plain and simple. Yeah, you sold out gold passes. Why? Because they were the only remaining tickets left to buy to get in, not because they were good value, because they sold out last of all available tickets for saturday/sunday. btw, my comments are feedback too and yes, golds are useful, but not as useful as they used to be and l'd love for you to correct that. I'd even pay more for it, but you don't seem open to even consider it, but instead put me down, that's sad, l'm just trying to help.
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