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  1. fifi

    Thank You

    You are very welcome and let's hope we have another Chevron :)
  2. I suspect they've already tried. Would be good though. We definitely need a guest to replace Jewel.
  3. How about Chris Heyerdahl? I live in contnual hope!!
  4. Love it when this starts!! Can't wait.
  5. This change of date has confirmed for me that I won't be attending the event any more. As a teacher, this is part of my precious holiday time and I won't be in the country. I was wavering anyway with all the problems last year of overcrowding etc. and I can't say I really enjoy the event any more. I'll miss my geeky weekends in London but they aren't the same as they were at Earls Court. Would have come for a day, though, if it had been earlier in the month.
  6. Chris Heyerdahl please. Have yet to meet him yet. Mitch Pileggi would be cool too.
  7. The only thing I would say is that I can't get Fridays off (I'm a teacher) so I'm likely to miss out on any guests who can only make that day.
  8. I agree with much of the above. Saturday was horrible. Too busy and the queues for stairs and lifts were a serious problem. Photoshoots must be on one level so people can get from one to another more quickly. And, A was moved but the change not marked on all the floor layouts so we spent a while searching for a non-existent photo area. I'll not be coming for 2 days again because it's just not the fun it used to be. It was also a shame that the cosplay was so tucked away. This is so much part of the whole event and felt a bit sidelined. And maybe the poor crew at the photoshoots could do with megaphones!!
  9. Think this might be someone that's been before..no mention of a first timer to the event?
  10. One of the best I've been to, The guests were fantastic. Roll on next year.
  11. Any news on when these might be sent out?
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