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Guest Suggestions

Spacecadet is here

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how about thinking 'outside the box' and attempt to get someone like Madeleine Le Beau

(the last surviving credited actor from one of the greatest movies of all time, 'Casablanca' ) ??

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Might have suggested this before, but I was thinking it might be good to have some people who were prisoners at Colditz during the Second World War, maybe even supplement them with anyone who appeared in the TV series as well. Not sure if any of the cast of The Colditz Story are still with us, but it would go well with the suggestion made above for Guy Hamilton to attend.

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Count Fooku has beaten me to the WW2 theme.


My suggestion would be any of the surviving actors from the "Great Escape".


David McCallum "Ashley Pitt"

John Leyton - "William Dickes - Tunnel King"

Lawrence Montaigne - "Haynes"

William Russell - "Sorren"

George Mikell - "SS Officer"


I have a signed movie poster with Garner, Coburn & Bronson. Any of the above would we welcome additons (especially McCallum or Leyton).




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I'm an absolute fan of james bond , it would be nice to still be able to see other bond guests, such as for example roger moore (which could donate his fee UNICEF and lives around the corner ) . Christopher Lee also lives around the corner . Judi dench can be determined also get Jonathan pryce , Kim basinger , Sophie marceau , benicio del torro , carey lowell, Talisa Soto , timothy dalton , Götz Otto , Mads Mikkelsen , Klaus Maria Brandauer ( largo/never say never again) , Claudine Auger , Barbara carrera , Barbara bach , Lois chiles , Maud adams, Max von sydow(blofeld).

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Well one of my suggestions is already booked to appear (Lawrence Montaigne). Thank you Showmasters. More Great Escapers would be amazing.


I am also very keen on Space Shuttle astronauts, so the following would be greatly received:


Robert Crippen (STS 1)

Jeff Hoffman & Story Musgrave (Hubble repair EVA)


Regards Kev

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Would love to see Martin Landau back as missed him before !


Batman 66 reunion as previously mentioned but very pleased that William and Lawrence both had roles in Batman 66 episodes.


Some other general suggestions


Russ Abbott

Stephanie Beacham

Joan Collins

Wanda Ventham

Jane Asher

Francine York

Monte Markham

Ron Ely

Robert Wagner

Lindsay Wagner

Heather Locklear

Lee Majors

Adrian Zmed

Erik Estrada

Larry Wilcoz

Lynda Carter

Lyle Waggoner

Paul Michael Glaser

John Schneider

Richard Hatch

Tom Wopat

Dirk Benedict

Dwight Shulz

Mr T


I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

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