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  1. yes Apollo ,Of the 12 humans who walked on the moon, only six Buzz Aldrin, XI Alan Bean, XII David Scott, XV John Young, XVI Charlie Duke, XVI Harrison Schmitt XVII
  2. Buzz Aldrin and hother astronautes legend
  3. please contact cnes in Toulouse , astronaute in space
  4. Marcos Pontes astronaute Brasileiro
  5. Marcos pontes astronaute Brasil Thomas Pesquet astronaute french Apollo ......
  6. Kenny Baker ( r 2 d 2) is dead ! a great loss, he was adorable
  7. Patrick Baudry mission S T S Discovery second french in space Marco Pontes , astronaute Brazil Apollo ........missions to the moon
  8. David Duchchovny and Scully ( x files)
  9. Apollo astronautes x files the invaders Marco Pontes astronaute E S A Brazil
  10. CHRISTOPHER LLOYD X FILES ACTORS Michael Collins Dave Scott
  11. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson , the x files
  12. jacomus


    autographica 2016 ?
  13. please contact Marcos Pontes astronaute to Brazil and THomas Pesquet E S A astronaute thank
  14. astronaute Marcos Pontes , first Brasilo in space , I S S astronaute Thomas Pesquest E S A
  15. Jean-Fran├žois Clervoy
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