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  1. Cast members from LOST please. We've been very lucky to have afew over the years but would love to meet more!
  2. Terry Quinn (And anyone else from LOST)
  3. Terry Quinn (And any other stars from LOST)
  4. Terry O'Quinn ​-Lost ​-The Rocketeer -Millennium -Hawaii Five-0 ​-666 Park Avenue ​-The West Wing -Alias (And Many MANY more!) ​Jorge Garcia -Lost ​-Hawaii Five-0 -Alcatraz -Once upon a time ​Elizabeth Mitchell -Lost ​-V -Revolution -Once upon a time ​
  6. John Kassir -Was unable to attend the event he attended and would love a 2nd chance. ​ Billy Zane ​Jada Pinkett Smith James Spader ​Megan Boone ​LOST Cast ​Walking Dead Cast ​Sir Anthony Hopkins
  7. Sir Anthony Hopkins -It would mean so much to me.
  8. Can we please get: John Kassir Voice of the Crypt Keeper would be awesome!!!!
  9. Can we please get: John Kassir Voice of the Crypt Keeper would be awesome!!!!
  10. With services like Netflix and Love Film, I think its reasonable to give past shows like this a second chance... TV has evolved so much from what it used to be, and now fans can watch or re-watch shows without the hassle of waiting week by week. So many people have found LOST since it last aired and many actors that were involved have gone on to do amazing things. I would Love to attend a LOST convention, as would many of my friends and family. Can we please give it a shot?
  11. I'm usually about in Zombie makeup... Just not sure what day yet. If it does happen to be Sunday, I am more than happy to help out with photos :) Examples of my Zombies: www.facebook.com/lukesmithfx
  12. I would pay anything to meet Sir Anthony Hopkins
  13. Anyone from the Following shows would be Great: The Walking Dead LOST Breaking Bad Dexter Prison Break True Blood
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