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  1. Excellent guest announcement
  2. Will there be an autographica 2018

    Agreed. Maybe a little transparency would be nice. It would certainly be appreciated by many Autographica fans & past attendees. If it has been scrapped/abandoned without any intention of bringing it back for the foreseeable, fair enough, but would it hurt to let us know?
  3. Autographica Date Change

    Disappointing. Hopefully this delay will make for an impressive guest list in 2017
  4. Guest suggestions

    the last surviving cast member from 'Brief Encounter', Margaret Barton.
  5. Guest suggestions

    Tim Peake
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - CHARLIE WALKER

    Great announcement!
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - KEN CAMERON

    Excellent. More Shuttle crew please!
  8. Guest suggestions

    highly ambitious, I know, but how about Astronaut siblings Mark & Scott Kelly ?
  9. Guest suggestions

    a generous sprinkling of Shuttle folk , please!
  10. Guest suggestions

    Excellent to see the event is now confirmed. Bring it on.