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  1. No1 on my non-Apollo wish list is Robert Crippen - STS 1, closely followed by Joe Engle. Also Chris Ferguson (last Shuttle commander) No1 on my Apollo wish list is Charlie Duke. I would travel any distance to see these two guys. Here's crossing fingers!
  2. Apollo Would love to see Charlie Duke and Jim McDivett Early Shuttle pioneers. Please Please, Robert Crippen (STS 1) also Joe Engle & Richard Truly (STS 2) Also love the see the Hubble repair space walkers - Story Musgrave/Jeff Hoffman/Kath Thornton/Thomas Akers
  3. We often consider the Apollo astronauts attending before they are too old to travel. But the same goes for the early Shuttle pioneers. Please Please, Robert Crippen (STS 1) also Joe Engle & Richard Truly (STS 2) Also love the see the Hubble repair space walkers - Story Musgrave/Jeff Hoffman/Kath Thornton/Thomas Akers
  4. Twinnz, You are dead right. How can an 11 x 14 warrant an extra £65 more than a 10 x 8. Never before have a met an astronaut that charges an additional £30 to write a mission number either. I am not doubting this man's achievements in history , but at least Dick Turpin wore a mask. Kevla
  5. Is there a group astronaut photo-shoot and if so what will be the price please. Regards Kevla
  6. Looking forward to the lectures, but was hoping that value for money will be achieved this time around. At the last Autographica some of the Astronauts were hampered by technical issues (particularly Al Worden who's presentation did not seem compatible with the equipment being used). In order not to effect the following lecture, I felt they were rushed with no time for audience participation in the form of Q&A. At £20 - £30 a go, is an hour not too much too ask for, rather than 40 minutes? K
  7. Great news, particularly as I added his name to the Guest Suggestions forum. Well done Showmasters.
  8. Many Thanks to Showmasters for organising the event yesterday and also for Jerry & his wife for coming. I enjoyed the intimacy of this event and would definitely welcome more of the same with other astronauts in the future. Those that were in the line for autographs were very considerate of others. Along with some others, I only had one item to be signed, but one individual with a large number of items actively waited in the wings rather than make people wait longer (well done my friend and gratefully noted). I would love all Autographica lectures to be longer like Jerry's. It was not rushed and great value for money. A hint for September maybe? Can't wait until the next event and hope it is packed with more astronauts. Regards Kev
  9. Re: Parking Is the £5 flat rate a special deal for the event. When I contacted the hotel last week they qouted me over twice that price. Regards Kev
  10. Exciting news about the items Jerry Ross will have for sale. My question is, will there be a set time for the sale, or a first come, first serve basis from opening time. Also, are there likely to be lecture tickets available on the day. Regards Kev
  11. Charlie Duke would be top of my wishlist too. I'm a bit of a late comer to meeting Apollo legends, but thanks to showmasters I have a few under my belt already. Charlie would be amazing. Fingers crossed. Regards Kev
  12. Well one of my suggestions is already booked to appear (Lawrence Montaigne). Thank you Showmasters. More Great Escapers would be amazing. I am also very keen on Space Shuttle astronauts, so the following would be greatly received: Robert Crippen (STS 1) Jeff Hoffman & Story Musgrave (Hubble repair EVA) Regards Kev
  13. I totally agree with 'gonightboat'. Whilst I recognise that different events dicate different outcomes, I have had backdrop photos taken with two astronauts recently and they were outstanding quality. I also saw tables full of photos awaiting collection at these events and all of them were exctly the same quality. To quantify 'gonightboats' comments, I had a plumber in my house this week, who's attention was drawn to the above mentioned photos I had and he immediatley took interest in who the astronauts were and how I had come to meet them. So it does work! I respect the last post regarding photoshop, however not everyone knows how to use it and it should be expected that an item that has cost up £40, should not need any extra manipulation done to it.
  14. Count Fooku has beaten me to the WW2 theme. My suggestion would be any of the surviving actors from the "Great Escape". David McCallum "Ashley Pitt" John Leyton - "William Dickes - Tunnel King" Lawrence Montaigne - "Haynes" William Russell - "Sorren" George Mikell - "SS Officer" I have a signed movie poster with Garner, Coburn & Bronson. Any of the above would we welcome additons (especially McCallum or Leyton).
  15. Starting with astronauts, I would love to see the following Space Shuttle legends Robert Crippen (STS - 1) Jeffery Hoffman Story Musgrave From a TV point of view, any of the stars from Only Fools & Horses & Heartbeat would be good (Plenty of potential guests there). Kev
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