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  1. As I said on FB - could be this years Fantastic Four. A movie no one really wanted, and hardly anyone saw.
  2. Effects looked good, but didn't find any of it remotely funny.
  3. Scream's 20th Anniversary. Would be good to see some more of the cast from the first film. Rose McGowan Skeet Urich David Arquette Henry Winkler Roger Jackson Jamie Kennedy I expect that Courtney Cox and Drew Barrymore are out of the running.
  4. A friend of mine knows a guy who supplies them for theme parks.
  5. We have a child carer next door and I keep seeing these little faces looking over the fence then hearing voices whispering 'waptor' excitedly to each other.
  6. I don't know if this will help, but we've been to quite a few U.S. cons where there is a fastlane for VIP/Gold pass ticket holders, that runs alongside the main queue for the guest. There, they feed a handful of VIP in, then an equal amount of regular attendees, then back to the VIP, and so on, so that you stand equal chance of getting through. The line is kept moving at a brisk pace, but you do get your moment with the guest. Often enough to ask one question, or say hello. That said, they do sell only about 300 VIP badges tops though. On another point, I do think there needs to be stricter control on the amount of items being signed. I know I saw one guy with about six or seven items at a table with a large queue forming behind him.
  7. Harrison Ford HAS done private signings, several times, so I guess we can say it's not him. Could it be Sean Connery? Hoping also for Kurt Russell.
  8. The FF guys (you know who I mean), have been trying to get John to come over for years, but he's just not interested. You only have to watch his interviews to see how laid back and not bothered he is.
  9. Indiana


    Feb 27 2015 I think!
  10. Yeah, I've been around on here a LONG time, been to a lot of cons all around the world, and as you can probably tell from my picture, met a load of huge stars, so I'm very aware of how this diamond pass works. I don't need it explaining to me. I was merely stating that IF the make up photo was available as an option without the talk/t shirt/autograph/print -all of which I have no interest in, sold at the same time as the Diamond pass, but at a reduced cost that excluded all this, then I MAY have been interested. However, as Jason explained that the cost and these items are part of the deal with Robert, which is fair enough, and me not being that big of a Freddy fan, it's an easy pass for me. It would have been more of a novelty photoshoot for me rather than an essential purchase.
  11. Jason - Fair enough, if that's the deal, that's the deal. Knitty Fred - obviously I was referring to the make up shoot, not the regular Robert shoot, which could have been obtained at any of his previous appearances.
  12. It would be nice to have the option to buy the photoshoot without the additional stuff, at a reduced rate. I'm not interested in prints, autographs etc.
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