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when i saw the tweet on Friday morning i was beyond excited and squeeeeeed very loudly!!!! :D

the news made my day and i had the best friday 13th ever :P


still cant believe we're gonna have 3 TSCC guests!! Thomas, Lena and Leven!!! :D:D

the only thing that could make this event better, would be Summer, and if that happened i'd probably have a heart attack LOL




i'd love to have a TSCC talk with Lena, Thomas and Leven!!

but then i thought we'd ask Thomas secret circle questions, so why not add Chris Zylka to the talk.

and then i though we'd ask Lena game of thrones questions, so why not add the other GoT guests LOL

might sound like a crazy crossover, but it works.

though looking at al the GoT guests it;d be a very large panel.

but i'd definetly want a TSCC/TSC talk!!!!! and a seperate GoT talk!!!!!!!!

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