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  1. I met Nichele Nichols (gorgeous as always) Michael Dorn (more like stalked him - he is now our friend!) Brandon Routh (the nicest man in the world and a bit cute too!) Lena Headey (very friendly and she liked my hubbys' aftershave) Carl Weathers (a man who makes alot of sense about movies) Sean Astin Dave Prowse Kenny Baker
  2. Michael Dorn Suzie Plakson Nichelle Nichols John Schuck They would love to be there
  3. Brandon - just a note to say thank you for being such a great guest and one of the nicest people i met all weekend You made my weekend when you remembered me and for the special message when you signed my photograph I will come along to meet you again when in the UK All the best to you and you'll make a brilliant Dad
  4. Could we please have some more of these women of Star Trek like Linda Park Jolene Blalock Roxann Dawson It would be great to meet some of these great Star Trek women
  5. Shame he won't be there, will have to get a photo shoot at LFCC. The Gremlins will have to stay at home
  6. SM How do we pick up the residents passes on the Friday morning? Please can you let me know Thanks
  7. Brilliant These guys rock both in and out of charactor Please put them on stage, they are such fun to watch and the audience interaction is great!!!!!!
  8. Got the talk tickets today for the Star Trek talks Question - will the seats be numbered or is it a first come first served basis?
  9. Seconded I would love a photo shoot with them both Please SM - Make it so :)
  10. Nice one SM!!! Great Guest and what a great Guy!!! Will find an excuse to meet him again!!! Perhaps he could do a turn at the party for us!!! Everyone has to see John sing at least once!!! HE'S BRILLIANT
  11. Interested in one of these and would love to know more about them please. Could you please let me know if it is one ticket for two people or one ticket per person, as I would love to be stood on a Star Trek Bridge with my No1 (my Hubby) p.s which Bridge to ensure suitable costumes are worn!!!
  12. Please can we have - Jolene Blalock Roxanne Dawson Linda Park Cirroc Lofton TNG Whole cast reunion
  13. Looking forward to the event going to see if I get a 5 captains picture done - seems to be an ideal time and when will the chance ever come again!!! looking forward to meeting them all again going to be a cool weekend
  14. Great guest :) He is a really great guy, who takes time every one who comes to see him. If you want to raise a smile do what I did; get the photo of him and Porthos signed but make sure you get the one with the Porthos's paw print on it!!! He was amused that the dog beat him to the first signature. Might get a 5 captain photo done again just to say hello and say welcome to the ST Enterprise Desperate Housewives club!!!
  15. Thanks SM You have just made my Husbands day
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