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  1. The security checks did seem to be rather random. A guy three in front of me had a full metal detector scan (front and back) and frisk while my son's bag which has several zipped pockets was only checked in the main compartment with a quick prod inside from the female security officer. We guessed that they were venue security rather than Showmasters. Coming out was just as difficult, we had to hand over our printed tickets when we left, if we wanted to re-enter they were tearing corners of tickets but they discarded ours.
  2. Have to say that personally I don't think this event was worth the cost of the early entry. I met all of the guests, walked around the dealer area and was out of the event after 45 minutes because there was nothing else to see. This could be a great event, the venue was nice apart from getting in (I have trouble walking and the stairs were a killer) but it needs more guests to make it worthwhile. This was my second Sheffield con and the last one I attended was far superior, that was number 2 in 2015. I'm only 40 minutes away from the venue so this is my local comic con, if I go next year I think I'll just go for the standard entry. On the subject of entry, there was more security at this event than LFCC and Collectormania combined. The man in front of me actually had a can of baked beans confiscated! and their were several bottles and items of food taken from people trying to enter. I'm not really complaining, it's just that it was a little disappointing to find so little at the con. Hopefully next year will be an improvement.
  3. Daniel Naprous Cancellation

    He has, I spoke with Daniel Naprous at the Collectormania in Birmingham, Spencer Wilding was Vader for background and establishing shots, mainly walking around or standing in several scenes, while Daniel performed in the Mustafa/Star Destroyer scenes. It was decided that just having Vader stand and do nothing was against the character so Spencer had his scenes dropped.
  4. Daniel Naprous Cancellation

    Han Solo Movie? There are rumours of Vader's appearance.
  5. Guest Cancellation - David Bradley

    Does add fuel to the fire of his appearance in the Christmas special as the First Doctor.
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - MARC WARREN

    Been after him for the Doctor Who connection for years.
  7. No Posed Photography

    You can always ask the guest at the table, the worst that will happen is they say no. I don't blame the many guests who won't handshake, sadly there are still many individuals who take basic personal hygiene for granted. I am not saying this applies to you but at every event I've ever been to there are probably 30-40% of male attendees who still don't wash their hands after using the toilets. Disgusting behaviour but they don't seem bothered. I've rarely had a handshake refused, again most guests will be upfront about it. Several years ago Eric Roberts was fist bumping everyone and I have had a couple of people high five without prompting, so go ahead and ask.
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - HARRY MELLING

    Patrick Troughton's Grandson!
  9. Only 45 minutes away for us so both days are a possibility this time. We now struggle to get to London so this is perfect and at a time of year when we don't have much on!
  10. Guest suggestions

    I'd love to see surviving cast from Jason And The Argonauts, particularly Nancy Kovak.
  11. Lost Jeremy Renner Diamond Pass

    It's nice to know that there are still honest and decent people in the world.
  12. Steven Berkoff

    If he is one of those people who hate having their photograph taken then I agree that there should not have been a photoshoot. It seems to me that this was a case of his management wanting their extra money in spite of his reluctance/displeasure at having a photograph taken. They would have known in advance that he may not like the publicity of a photograph and should not put him in the position of being forced to have a photograph. Now I am in no way excusing his behaviour but you'd be surprised how many actors and actresses I've met who really hate having a photograph taken because it leaves them feeling exposed or vulnerable. I've spoken to several stars who are happy enough playing a role on stage or screen and yet when it comes to a quick selfie or a posed shot would rather not do it. I did see Steven Berkoff at Autographica a few years ago and he didn't seem to want to be there. He had separated himself from other guests and was signing in one of the dealer rooms if I remember correctly. He looked disinterested and was just scribbling a quick signature whenever anyone visited his table, so it does seem like this is his natural default mood when it comes to these events.
  13. Selfies are not new to us :-)

    I often get signatures for friends who cannot travel to these events and it can be nice to get a table photograph of the guest, I always ask even if there isn't a sign up out of politeness and always make sure there isn't a large queue behind me so I don't hold things up. From personal experience I have found that it has often been down to guest agents and management rather than the guest themselves when it comes to having photos taken. More than once a guest has stated that their management won't allow a picture to be taken but will bend the rules if no-one is around.
  14. Autographica Date Change

    From a purely selfish point of view this is great for me, I'm waiting for cataract operations on both eyes and they should be around November. This new date has taken some of the worry away.