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  1. 3 meetings so far, make sure you take this opportunity to meet a true legend.
  2. OurDek

    Pre Orders

    I'm still waiting for responses to an item from LFCC over 3 months ago!
  3. I'd love to see Jackie Lane from Doctor Who, any Star Wars actors and a bigger comic guests area please for starters.
  4. OurDek

    Thanks For The Day...

    I love this venue but do wish there were more guests on both days, there just isn't enough to do. We were there today and there were so few people in the queues when we arrived I almost thought it had been cancelled. I've never been to such a quiet, fuss-free event.
  5. OurDek

    Will there be a Sunday?

    There are a few Sunday guests if you look at their days. Grant Hall, Larry Estrin and Mickey Lewis are all Sunday only guests. There's still a fortnight for names to be added to the list and several guests could end up doing both days.
  6. OurDek

    CarParking at Olympia

    Tried to book this morning and found it sold out, I need blue badge parking and there were some last year in the multi story. Wondered about the other one as it was only showing vans.
  7. OurDek

    Guest Cancellation - Megan Fox

    A pity but hopefully you can reschedule. On the plus side, more money for shiny things!
  8. Would have added to my Cutthroat Island collection, oh well, not to be.
  9. Met him years ago, a great guy and well worth meeting.
  10. OurDek

    Opinions on the day Sat

    We arrived on Sunday dead on 9.00am, went inside the side room to get the bag check and hand stamp with the tickets scanned and then followed the guy rolling up his tape outside where we entered through the main entrance. Rather a strange way of doing things, last year we were allowed straight out of the scanning area into the hall which was the same as this year. First in the queue for Mark Williams, then Valene Kane, Beau & Dolly Gadson and Christopher Fairbank. Autos done so off around the dealer room where it was the now-usual layout of Funko - Funko - Lego - T-Shirts - Funko - artist - proper vintage merchandise - Funko. I know the things are popular but when a large number of stalls have the same item at the same price it gets a bit ridiculous. For those of us who've been in since the beginning (CM2) we miss the chance to find proper rare memorabilia. It's actually getting harder to spend money at these events outside of the autographs. Because I deal in film & TV memorabilia I used to be able to come to an event with a high 3 figure to low 4 figure budget and spend the lot, trading with a large number of dealers and coming away with a great deal of stuff to pass on. I now have four semi-regular dealers at these events and rarely find anything else worthwhile. Overall a great morning out because we'd done it all by 11.30. Collectormania is finding its feet again but it isn't a patch on the old Centre MK days. Still better than the competition by far though!
  11. We came on the Sunday last year, arrived in the car park about 9.30, were funnelled through a side entrance for security checks directly from the outside and were in and meeting guests within 5 minutes, very smooth running compared to LFCC. Bearing in mind it was a fortnight or so after the Manchester Arena bombings the entry process was extremely well run, far better than Sheffield.
  12. OurDek

    Margot Kidder has passed away

    She was so lovely, had time for everyone and was genuinely interested in the more unusual items she was signing. We were looking forward to meeting her again, hopefully she has found peace after her problems.
  13. Hope he has some Return To Oz photos.
  14. Andrew Lincoln played Egg in This Life. But not smothered in chocolate with a bag of sweets. And I'm sure Egg was a chef/cook.
  15. The security checks did seem to be rather random. A guy three in front of me had a full metal detector scan (front and back) and frisk while my son's bag which has several zipped pockets was only checked in the main compartment with a quick prod inside from the female security officer. We guessed that they were venue security rather than Showmasters. Coming out was just as difficult, we had to hand over our printed tickets when we left, if we wanted to re-enter they were tearing corners of tickets but they discarded ours.