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  1. Got a tweet from Claire she can't travel due to a knee operation so she can't make it to C21
  2. Thanks for the quick reply :)
  3. I got my C21 tickets delivered a few weeks ago, but one of my photo op tickets was missing - David Ramsey (Sunday). It was on the order sheet that came with, but no ticket in envelope. I emailed over a week ago, but haven't had a reply. Just wondering if I can get it on the day if I show the order sheet?
  4. again thank you thank you thank you yay!! keep the Arrow guests coming (would love Emily Bett Rickards and Caity Lotz)
  5. yay!! thank you!!! if you wanna add some more Arrow guests (Emily Bett Rickards and Caity Lotz pretty please) that would be fine by me lol
  6. moni

    Amy Acker - Cancellation

    Shame, but cancellations are expected at cons lol. Now those of us who have silver or gold do we get anything extra if no replacement guest? Otherwise we're not getting what we paid for (money wise)
  7. moni

    alexis autographs sold online?

    Any confirmation on how much Alexis autos will be? (And the other guests too)
  8. moni

    Amy and Alexis duo photoshoot?!

    5 weeks left - any update on this?
  9. moni

    'Once More, with Feeling' screening suggestion

    I would love a screening of OMWF and Dr Horrible - that would be awesome! Though as I'm leaving on the Sunday I hope it won't be on the Sunday night lol
  10. moni

    Amy and Alexis duo photoshoot?!

    Pretty please. That would make my weekend!!
  11. moni

    Sponsored Guest Announcement - ALEXIS DENISOF

    How much will Alexis autographs be? Am planning my budget so just need to figure out how many Alexis autos I can afford Also - will there be a limit to how many autos we can get from Alexis (and Amy) - have so much to get signed lol
  12. moni

    Guest suggestions

    I was wondering now that Lexa Doig has been rescheduled for Winter LFCC is there a possibility to get more Continuum guests and maybe have a talk - as was planned for LFCC before the cancellations ?
  13. moni

    Amy and Alexis duo photoshoot?!

    keeping my fingers crossed for this :)
  14. just found out that Lexa has been postponed from LFCC. Sad news for this weekend but fab news that she's been rescheduled so we still have a chance to meet her :)