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  1. Oh sweet thank you, I’m so out of touch it was my first con since 2015! Before that I had been going to most of them in London! X
  2. Hi, will photo shoots be put on the photo download website? I did notice it was on the collectors folders. X
  3. Ok thank you, I fell pregnant just after the event and due to complications I haven’t been able to get to any of the others I’ll email but it’s not an issue, just wondered xx
  4. Hi, so back in July 2015, I had a diamond pass for Robert Englund and an autograph was included but he didn’t do signings (I can’t remember why) but we were told we could use it the next time he was at a con, as I haven’t yet used it (it hasn’t been clipped, can I use it at this event?
  5. Hi ya, is the Paul McGann, David Bradley & Colin Baker shoot in Photo area G the one with the green screen tardis ? Xx
  6. How does the numbering work with E-tickets? x
  7. Thank you, I have emailed them a few days ago.. :)
  8. Hello :) I know tickets are non refundable but I have made a genuine mistake and would really like some help. I have bought the wrong Christopher Lloyd photo shoot. I ordered the Saturday clock shoot instead of the Sunday tombstone shoot, I cant attend on the Saturday which is why all my other tckets are for Sunday. I hope someone is able to help as it isnt one of the cheap tickets. Thank you x
  9. Where will the paul mcGann tardis shoot be and waht times?x
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