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  1. Just seen the sad new that Mira Furlan has passed peacefully at the age of 65. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-55763658 She has gone beyond the rim to new adventures.
  2. The big question first When will the timetables be updated ? EVERYONE wants to know when the Picard talk will be . Secondly the web and printable versions are not the same. I have noticed that the Robin Curtis in costume photshoot is showing at 15:05 on the web version and 13:05 on the printable version, so whcih one is corrent. If the prinatble version is the correct one, then I'm going to miss the Discovery talk (Which is probably the one talk I wanted to attend) as it clashes slapbang in the middle and had I known this I would not have ordered the photoshoot. I know people are going to say, go to the talk, leave for the photoshoot and then come back or do the photoshoot and then see the end of the talk, but I've had issues in the past where I've been refused entry into a talk because it's already started and the room is full. I've also noticed several other differeneces between the web and prinatble timetables, so this is not just the Saturday one. Also one thing I would like to see is the date the timetable was published on the timetables, this is on the web version but not on the prinatble version which at least let us know which version is current. I'd assume that they are the same source file. so i don't kknow why this is not already done. Another thing would be if the prinatble version was available as a PDF.
  3. Tried from both iPad and PC. Shows the entrance tickets, photoshoots, then just the headers for evening entertainment and talks, but nothing else.
  4. Noticed this post the other day after reading something on teh BBC web-site regarding the cancellation of Winter LFCC. Firstly would have been nice for some sort of notice on the web-site that the opening ceremony was no longer included in the Commander Package. Secondly, I've tried to order tickets, but they don't appear. Have they sold out ?
  5. Just had a photo shoot refund which I think maybe for the Two Dax’s. Have we lost Terry or Nicole ?
  6. The talk is not the issue here, if it had been at the end of the Sunday I would have gladly missed it. But by making the selection of which day the photoshoot will be on does lock me down to that specific day and in this case I feel that those attending Saturday have been given a better deal. (Two PS and the talk). Some of us have these things called jobs, so Sunday is the only day I could attend. All I was suggesting is that an earlier PS could maybe have been arranged for Sunday diamond passes. Given in my experience that Saturdays are always busier than Sundays, taking another 20 - 25 minutes out of the signing time on Sunday does not sound unreasonable and what I said was merely an example of what could have been done. It would clear the majority of Sunday diamond passes I would guess. Instead I have to wait around for 4 to 5 hours for the photoshoot. If I had the choice I would get my money back and just buy a standard photoshoot.
  7. Doesn't appear to be an issue on Satuturday ? There are two photoshoots and the talk. By now I would have expected that the organisers would have a rough estimate of how many Sunday Diamond passes purchased.
  8. Little disappointed that there is only one photo session and no talk with Ming-Na on the Sunday. The talk I can understand, but I'm sure that it would have been possible to find a small gap for diamond pass holders (10:35 - 1050 looks clear, hint, hint) to get their PS in the morning I assume diamond passes will go through first. With hindsight I could probably have saved some money by not getting the diamond pass.
  9. Only had six photoshoots this year including two diamonds, but this was the worse experience I have had. I don't know if Showmasters have changed who they get to take the photos this year (it certainly wasn't the guy who usually does the main photos). Friday was two photo shoots, Sean and Laurie, which are OK most likely because these weren't rushed. Even got asked if I wanted a re-take after the Laurie one, but I was OK with the result. I don't take a very good picture anyway due to a squint which means that on some photos it looks like i'm not looking in the right place, which means it takes me a few moments to orientate myself. I also have issues with peronal space (I'm not used to being so close to people I don't know) which means I tend to leave a gap between myself and the guest. Again takes me a few seconds to get sorted. Saturday was just Micheal Emmerson, which was rushed so had both of the above faults. Sunday I had Jeremy, which although rushed is probably the best of the photos, as he has come across to me. Michelle Gomez was next, which was a different photographer and run as much by Michelle as it was by the crew, it's not my best side (my MAS is showing, but I can crop it off.) but my other issues are negated because the photo is back to back. Then we come to Famke, I know that there were special circumstances as to the way this shoot was set up, but the white line was an additional issue to deal with. There is a gap that you could have driven a bus through, not to mention that I would not have seen the bus coming because I am looking in the wrong direction completely. I was rushed out of the photo area before I could get a good look at the photo so had no chance of asking for a reshoot either. Surely the photographer could have picked this up and maybe asked us to turn towards the camera more or move a little closer, I paid a lot of money for a diamond pass so a little consideration to get a decent pciture would have been appreciated.. I was totally devastated and close to tears and just left the show completely spending the next half hour just trying to pull myself together. I am now seriously considering how I deal with future photoshoots or whether to just give up altogether. I miss the old days when Malcom was taking the photos, he always checked and called you back if there was an issue. I know there's the possibility of a reshoot, but if you are rushed out of the photo area without been given the chance to ask it doesn't help. We'll see what happens in Sheffield in two weeks time.
  10. Which show were you at ? My photoshoot experience (once inside) over the weekend was OK\Bad\Bad. Only visited A & B, where the crowd control was OK but still need a better way of distributing information rather than someone basically shouting until their voices gives out.
  11. As it appears no-one has started one for Michelle thought I'd give it a go. The most amazing guest I have every met, totally bonkers but the highlight of my weekend. We had a brief discussion about her ears (The one's she had on top of her head, not the one's she was born with), including mind controlled one's I saw at the gadget show a few years back, which I had been very impressed with, but had no money to buy at the time, then forgot about.. Hopefully she'll get some for next time, because I've ordered mine today.. The photoshoot was funny, although I know a few people who didn't appreciate some of the antics. I hope to meet her again soon, ears and all.
  12. Another disappointing googy bag. One thing I would suggest for next year would be to give us a show guide rather than having to buy one from the sales desk. The free autograph vouchers tickets were OK, but given the number of £10 guest and the fact that it could not be used as part payment for a higher priced guest as disappointing. Then there was the two tombolla tickets which were supposed to have given you access to two of the diamond talks, which some of the staff in the stage area were not aware of. I wasn't interested in any of the diamond guest talks that I hadn't already bought a diamond pass for already, so didn't use these. What I would have done would have been to drop the tombola tickets, given us an additional £10 guest, allowing us to use them for any non-diamond guest. I was lucky that I could use both of mine this time.
  13. Was certainly a very good guest to meet and unphased by some of the chaos going on around him. Met him in the early Friday morning just before he was moved down to the end so the leaking roof could be fixed. I hope you can bring him back to another event, maybe with a couple of other members of the Person of Interest cast (AMY, AMY, AMY hint...hint) would be a great double-photo shoot.
  14. I can now understand why Famke was sat on the chair and the no touching policy. I think some of the blame lies with Showmasters themselves, especially if llike me you had the Sunday photoshoot. The Sunday morning photoshoot was cancelled and moved into the gap at 2PM. This was less time then the morning slot so everyone was rushed through. Personally I was extremely disappointed with the photo I got with Famke, not only is there a gap you could have driven a bus through, but I would not have seen it because I was looking in wrong direction (I'm going to pick this up in another topic as I have some additional comments about this generally) I spent a lot of money for a diamond pass and came away with something that I was literally in tears about when I got to look at it (after been ushered out of the photo area so had no chance to ask for a reshoot) and will probably burn. Autographs were brisk (Felt the same as when I met Stan Lee), only person I've every met that was worse was Carrie Fisher back when Collectormania was in the MK Centre, she never looked up once, just kept signing what was ever put under her nose. The only good thing was the talk, where Famke came across as a very open and funny person.
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