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  1. Dying!!! Actually dying!!! Best announcement so far by miles!!!! So excited!!!!
  2. Haha Simone!!! Look at us coming out of Forum retirement!!!! It's been so long my picture doesn't even work anymore.........
  3. OMG!!!! DYING!!! ACTUALLY DYING!!! Princess Hannah just had to call me at work and all I can think about is this and not the Cannes announcement in 13 minutes or the giant amount of work I have to do... DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. omg i LOVE ANDREW SCOTT!!!!! So excited about this annoucement. Woohoo the one guest i really wanted to go.
  5. Great guest annoucement!! Loving any Merlin guest annoucement. Can we have more please?
  6. Gemma emailed this to me at about 1am this morning even though I'm in Berlin at the moment as she knew I'd need to know!!! Very very excited by Merlin guests. Plus Mordred - awesome!!!
  7. A truly awesome guest announcement SM. I'm going to have to review my autograph list though as this show is bankrupting me. But I need to get a photo and an auto from him. HELL YEAH!
  8. OMG!!! Amazing guest annoucement SM but Hannah's going to have a total breakdown on Charlie coming back..... *runs off to tell her*
  9. Big Pants texted me earlier about her coming!! MORE GOT Please. I wonder how many times we can get her to say You know nothing Jon Snow on Saturday?
  10. Yes! Loving all the Game of Thrones guests. Can we have a Stark now please SM?
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