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  1. bewarethepossums

    The Cast of 'Suits' and 'Raising hope'

    Yes, Suits!
  2. bewarethepossums

    The Hunger Games Group Picture?

    I would get this :)
  3. bewarethepossums

    Latest Guest Announcement - LENA HEADEY

    There arnt usually talks at MK, no space for them Ahh, thanks Rob, it shows I haven't been to CM:MK before! (Just sat jealously revising for exams...every June for as long as I can remember )
  4. bewarethepossums

    Latest Guest Announcement - LENA HEADEY

    AMAZING!! EDIT: Is this enough guests for a GoT panel yet? That would be ace
  5. bewarethepossums

    Latest Guest Announcement - LEVEN RAMBIN

    Awesome!! Is there any chance of a photoshoot with all 3 of the tributes, SM? EDIT: As in, together
  6. bewarethepossums

    Latest Guest Announcement - MAISIE WILLIAMS

    This is AMAZING, Showmasters! Well...not for me seeing as I can't make EMS this year (though can hardly complain as I'm going to live in Venice) but there are more great guests than I've ever wanted to see before! I'll have to send the BFF to get an auto for me since Arya is my absolute favourite .
  7. bewarethepossums


    LOVE this!
  8. bewarethepossums

    Doctor Who Group! LFCC

    Oooooh exciting, I'm hopefully doing Lorna Bucket for Saturday (then again plans may change considering Alex Kingston on Sunday now but definitely Saturday regardless).
  9. bewarethepossums


    Not going to lie, I love the attention mostly because I don't get a lot of it in normal life especially with having friends who are a lot louder than me! But yeah the fact that people can recognize you even if you're cosplaying something obscure is so great, makes you feel at home...basically just <3 fandom Thank you! Ivy's so great, even if it's quite a common cosplay. She was one of the only comic characters I knew when I was a kid, but was always so awesome!
  10. bewarethepossums


    But of course!
  11. bewarethepossums


    That would be amazing! We'll definitely have to get a photo together as Catwoman/Ivy anyway too
  12. bewarethepossums


    Oh no, would have been great if you'd been Harley as I'm planning on doing Ivy for a bit! Essentially I have no time between exams finishing and LFCC in which to finish my Wonder Woman costume so I won't be able to do it but I'm going to whack out my Poison Ivy, and hopefully have time to make an accurate bottom-half by then!. Hmm not sure how to make that picture smaller, sorry guys
  13. bewarethepossums


    Me? Thanks so much I disagree and think you look like a fairy prawn. Lol jokes, mad sewing skillz, looks very awesome (and accurate)! Oi you. Thanksssssssssssss... but not really, it's a very simple design! Her dress which she makes out of the curtains would be a LOT harder to do!! Haha, and obviously you would actually have to wear it out of actual curtains for it to be accurate but I think the animated dress is nicer anyway, and has the bonus of being simpler!
  14. bewarethepossums


    Me? Thanks so much I disagree and think you look like a fairy prawn. Lol jokes, mad sewing skillz, looks very awesome (and accurate)!
  15. bewarethepossums

    latest Guest Announcement - STANISLAV IANEVSKI

    Amaaaaaaaaazing!!! Makes me even happier that I bought my Friday ticket yesterday