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guests planned for this event who do you want to meet


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this event is more for the classic film guests so we are not planning to have the likes of David Tennant or Robert Pattinson for event like this .


its more for the collectors and enthusiasts


so we are looking for guest to take part in signing old poster and artifacts that they appeared in or films or shows they helped to make .


the event is a nice small event with around 150 tables so we are going to look for guests that are from the UK and are from the classic british film industry like Bond etc and also we will try to find and invite film Directors and producers to attend as well , all in all making the event a great place for real film fans .


if you have some thoughts of who you would like to see please post on here and we will see who we can get for you


i look forward to seeing some of you at the show next year


jason :D

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Neill has done a LFCC before, he was a guest on the SFX stand.


Obviously there's plenty of guests I'd still like to meet, but (with the Ultimate Dr Who con on the cards to budget for) I'm looking to scale back from collectors fairs, not add more to my calendar. It's not worth the travel expense for the odd one or two guests

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some of the older stars in Harry Potter would be great:

Maggie Smith

Jim Broadbent

Michel Gambon

Alan Rickman

Roger Llyod-Pack

Richard Hardy


like just not HP maybe to boost attendees do more classic actor in more new things...


I second this, espeically Maggie Smith, I've loved her since I saw her in Hook. alan rickman would be amazing as well

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