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  1. thanks to all who worked today you guys did great (special thanks to jason who must of had a million things to do but still had time to chat i so want to see more of his starwars collection :) had a great day totaly broke and so tired, but worth it cant wait for the next show :)
  2. if your even remotely tempted i would say meet her she is such a nice person i didnt see anyone walk away without a big smile after meeting her
  3. yes mate guest list from previous events section on the forum Gary Kurtz £15 producer Star Wars,ESB,Dark Crystal, Return to OZ,+ more Norman Reynolds £15 first timer Art Director on ANH, Production Designer on ESB and ROJ Peter Taylor £10 first timer Focus Puller on A New Hope. Imperial Officer £10 first timer Imperial Officer, Stormtrooper - ESB Ron Punter £10 first timer Specialist art department painter Darth Vader /C3P0 Colin Skeaping £10 rare signer Luke's stunt double Empire Strikes Back , ROTJ & general Stunt X Wing Rebel Pilot £10 first
  4. too much to do now before chrismas so wont get a chance to look here again before! so just like to wish you all a good one and huge thank you to all showmasters staff and mods your work might be hard at times but it is appreciated :) its been another great year for fans looking forward to next year
  5. dont know if anyones aware but both the london film and collectormanias current show website both take you to this years events forum page apologies if you already know
  6. always amazied me that the moment you spend banks take your money but they cant get refunds back as quick whatever the excuse is system blah blah its about time they sorted it out
  7. the site is down to fix it http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=77810 http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=77762 being this close to an event you can bet your life someones working hard to fix it
  8. its also being talked about here http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=76470 i have no idea if i am being helpful so if mods want to pin this if it helps or direct to the right place thanks
  9. i noticed a topic starting in lfacc and thought it mioght be an idea to start a poll on what everyone thinks of the idea if its been done before sorry but i havent seen it if you could buy showmasters vouchers throughout the year would you i like the card issued at empire day that got hole punched at each desk and really liked it my idea would be to do cards like ten slots on a card of say £15 value and others of different combinations
  10. i have got a pre order ticket (which is my virtual ticket) if i get a seperate normal ticket on the day and its lower can i use that instead to join the queue or do i have to wait for my preorder ticket number to come up sorry if it been asked before
  11. another one of my fav characters in both book and tv cant wait for the show going to be epic now i just need to win the lotto to get everyone i want lol
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