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  1. kevinstowmarket

    Questions about the new forum

    Hi How do you just see the new topics as you say? I am on mobile (if that makes a difference ) and only have 'activity' and 'activity levels activity' which shows people replying (condensed does too) not just new topics. Sorry if being dumb
  2. kevinstowmarket

    Collectormania will return in 2017

  3. kevinstowmarket

    Collectormania will return in 2017

    It doesn't offend me. I just don't understand.. perhaps it's me but I didn't get the difference in names. I don't want to go in to branding and marketing, but unless there is a tangible difference having two names just confuses consumers. From rereasing this thread I am not the only one... I had incorrectly assumed it was at mk as the thread made a point of stating cm was returning and there was lots of people asking about it. Should have considered the local shows but they abandoned the collector mania branding several years but mk kept it... personally I wouldn't have announced it until a venue and date was confirmed but it's not my business and Jason knows what he is doing. Ps if it is at the London aquarium I cannot swim
  4. kevinstowmarket

    Collectormania will return in 2017

    Okay fine. So the fact that it's called collectormania doesn't mean and thing either about the show, the size, the location etc. Read the announcement as another convention end of.
  5. kevinstowmarket

    Collectormania will return in 2017

    Thank you for the patronising tone. However, you seem to miss the point. There are numerous conventions, however, none of them are called collectormania. What's the difference between collectormania and any other convention. If there is no difference then what is the point of the announcement.... The last collectormania was at mk. I get the point if the announcement is a return to mk But if not they would have announced a new event coming
  6. kevinstowmarket

    Collectormania will return in 2017

    Is this likely to be in mk?
  7. kevinstowmarket

    Making my own 10x8 photos

    There is a website called Google. If u put a question in it gives u answers.
  8. kevinstowmarket

    Identify the signature

    The one before last is keira's
  9. kevinstowmarket

    Thunderbirds Cast Reunion?

    I need Sylvia anderson
  10. kevinstowmarket

    this event replacing CM:MK?

    It has gone downhill but was a great event. It has got busier despite worse guest list. If I was show masters I would keep it going. I suppose it's all numbers
  11. kevinstowmarket

    Singles event

    I'm no Barney rubble... but I'll make your bedrock
  12. kevinstowmarket

    why not the hall?

    I would be very surprised if they get crowds of 30 thousand!! If it results in a better stadium great
  13. kevinstowmarket

    See you all tomorrow

    I have an Alan Rickman signature on my potter poster. Recent too ☺
  14. Do you really think that it is that simple??? Just because someone has said they will do it on social media doesn't mean it's commercially viable? What if they want to do it but want a million pounds? What if they aren't free that day? There are hundreds of reasons people don't think about. I agree that sometimes they get people they want to see... If you organised an event wouldn't you? Star wars guests always have a que and must make money. They are the type of guest that makes this event viable in the past
  15. kevinstowmarket

    Flappy Birds

    To be honest I cannot stand it, level 1.