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  1. It's not actually a refund though is it...It's a transfer of days...you still want to go to the specific item on the corrected day, and not expecting any money back.
  2. Funny! What gets me is that this LEGEND of the world of comic is £35 for a shoot and only £45 for an autograph! No disrespect to the other guests at the show but I personally would not pay £70 for one autograph or £65 for one shoot. It's just not desirable or practical when the likes of Stan 'The Man' Lee is on the cards, oh and I nearly forgot the mighty Carlos Ezquerra to boot!
  3. He was a really pleasant and friendly young man when we met him. He took a shine to my Laurent Polo Sport back pack and we had a joke 'fight' over trying to get it off my back. The was great. A nice little personal moment like that can make a good convention great. Please do try and get him back.
  4. He is also coming up as a recurring character on ARROW, playing Mark Sheffer, AKA Shrapnel.
  5. The most important things are... 1) get there as early as you can if you are hoping to get a 'big' guest. Queues will normally start outside the venue for goldpass, early bird and pay-at-the-door attendees. If there is a certain someone that is a more unusual guest from the States...get there early and be as close to the door as you can. 2) don't panic regarding how the ticket system works. It's a good system that allows you to get a ticket for one star, but not have to do all the waiting around there and then...you can go off and get other VTs for the other guest you want to get autos from. Once you have your ticket for your first guest, go off and get the next VT for the next star on your list. 3) just to confirm, if you have a nice low number like, say...5, and when you come back from collecting your other VTs you can see that the numbers called are shown as "100-150" what that actually means is that tickets 1 through to 150 can join the queue at any time. Your time has not passed and you have not missed your chance and cannot miss your chance unless you decide to go home! Rather, if you think of it as saying "1 - 150" instead of just "100-150". It will mean that " Ticket Number 1 through to....whatever number they have got to" can join the queue. Hope this helps.
  6. Danny is such a cool guy. I have met him several times and he is always enthusiastic and chatty with the fans.
  7. We have had this several times and I can tell you that it has NEVER been a problem. You speak to the folks in charge and they will whiz you through. They are very good and helpful.
  8. I have no problem paying for autographs, becasue to me, you are doing something that is totally out of the ordinary. Let's be honest, how often would you run into Charles Dance, Danny Glover, Chris LLoyd, Karen Gillan or any of the other such guest in the street? The number of stars we have met and chatted with in the past decade has made us almost blase about it (not really, we still get nervous about it, only not quite as much) these days. Do you know, when we first saw the SM Collectormania web page, we thought it was a practical joke. We just did not think that any organisation could get such a large collection of TV stars over, together in one room, in one weekend. We thought it was impossible. Would we be willing to pay for the autographes from the likes of Margot Kidder, James Masters, Richard Kiel, Richard Hatch, Paul Darrow...? Erm, yes...ready willing and able, as it turned out! I looked at our collected autographs the other day, I wanted to incorporate the most recent ones from this year's LF&CC and I was amazed at the number of signatures we have. Having done this for over ten years now, it represents one of the main entertainment events of the year for us as a family. My son is a huge Doctor Who fan and has met so many stars from the show over the years that most of his friends have gone from not believing him to asking him who he is going to meet next. Not mentioning anyone by name but, there is competition out there, one big one comes to mind, but to me they lost their once impressive record as soon as they got taken over by a bunch of chancers and now are not even in the same ball park unless you happen to be into Crossroads or Emmerdale Farm reunions.
  9. Hey, It's Dean from Jan & Dean! And John Langley from the original version of V. Great, thank you.
  10. Hmmmm...There is something about this woman that seems very familiar! Not too sure exactly what it is.
  11. I get what you are saying King Richard. I perhaps might not have expressed it in quite the same way but yes, I get it. Even in his short on-screen time, his character the Padawan, Zett Jukassa demonstrates everything that it is to be a Jedi. He gives his life against terrible odds, and so that Bail Organa can escape. Jett's character may have only had, what...15-20 seconds of screen time? But in that short period, he showed more justified value as a character than the whole 2hrs Jar-Jar had to stink up the whole SW universe. EDIT: PS, I like how his character name is almost Jett Lucas
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